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The Cause Companies Are Going Cashless – jj

The Cause Companies Are Going Cashless


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Some larger businesses are not using cash anymore. The most famous example is Apple, which no longer lets customers buy iPhones using cash. U.S. Federal Law only requires that businesses accept Federal Reserve banknotes. The form that they are in is not mandatory. It is perfectly acceptable for your local retailer to say that they will not accept your cash notes. Right now, this is still uncommon for most small businesses. However, it will probably become more common. Digital payment options are now mainstream.

The motivation behind the trend toward a cashless society is partly more governmental control of its population. If the payment vendor can control the cards and digital accounts associated with the payment, they can control the people in society. When we use debit or credit cards, we are dependent on the health of the organization such as Visa that issued it. If Visa decides that I can no longer use my card because of their personal rules, I am now helpless in my payment options without cash. Many of the powerful bankers who control global finance behind the scenes are pushing for a digital one world currency in the long term. The trend toward debit and credit cards is the beginning of the move. The Eurozone is another step toward it.

A way to hedge yourself against a global currency is to buy silver. Buying silver allows you to hold onto a widely valued commodity that will not lose value given a global currency implementation. Another good way to prepare is to be careful how much of your assets you have denominated in cash. Keep your eggs in multiple baskets. You should have a digital basket, a cash basket, a silver basket, and the other basket. All of these financial baskets will protect you when something bad occurs. A cashless society destroys freedom. The cashless system can be prepared for if you are aware of its impending arrival.

About 5 years ago, the United Nations was actively debating the one world currency. Many businesses are preparing for this reality by getting their business into the digital-only forms of payment. A cashless system may not be something that customers want, but it would greatly simplify accounting for most small companies.


Going cash-free is not cool. It robs consumers of the freedom to decide where they want to spend their money. It locks out poor people who do not have bank accounts and electronic devices from the currency system. Businesses will simplify their data tracking, but the poorest customers will suffer by having to add digital payment methods that they may not be ready for. This is particularly true for people living in the developing world. A cash-free system may be nice for a rich white male in Switzerland. It is not helpful for the Average Pedro in Bolivia.

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