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The Trucking Apocalypse continues – one other provider falls – jj

The Trucking Apocalypse continues – one other provider falls

Trucking apocalypse continues: California truckload carrier latest victim. Regulations blamed.Market conditions and CARB cited for failure reason

The trucking apocalypse is upon us and it has taken its latest victim. This time, it’s a 40-year-old carrier out of California. Timmerman Starlite Trucking, Inc. of Ceres, California announced that it would be shutting down, placing 30 employees into the unemployment line effective immediately. Ceres is a suburb of Modesto, California, a mid-sized city 100 miles east of San Francisco. Starlite had a fleet of 30 trucks, 150 trailers and 28 drivers, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data.

We tried to provide a healthy work environment for our employees and give them the best wages and benefits we could,” Bell said. “But in the end, the rates that were available did not support the cost structure needed to compensate our employees appropriately.”




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  1. You got to be a Fool today to have a Business in California it’s just to many Regulations and Taxes to High, it was over 400 Business Move out because of Higher Taxes, California lost 2 million People they cannot afford to stay in that place, and they have more Homeless People in that State then any other State it’s unbelievable.

  2. Wrong answer… the cost has and must be passed down to the consumer!..the brokers don't lower their commissions, the insurance companies don't lower theirs premiums, the IFTA only increases, the DOT don't change their illegal rules and penalties… Strike, Strike!… grow balls, wake the hell up!… we hold the long stick not them!…strike till the people riot on the street!… one full week is all that is needed… 70% of all drivers not showing up to work for a full week. If they wanna keep everything the way it is fine as soon as the minimum price for the mile on dry-van be $3.50 and drivers are getting 0.75 to 0.95 cpm according with years of experience.

  3. Not sure how many people stuck their head in the sand but what else did you think was going to happen with a combination of Trump tarrifs slowing down trade imports which affects the ports, geo-Engineered storms to flood our crops and cattle in the Midwest, wildfires burning up produce in California, jacking up diesel and gas prices right before a manufactured war with Iran that'll happen after Trump gets his second term to do his dirty work with no worry of impeachment, drivers getting sick to death of paycheck eroding E-logs (E stands for Error), little to no parking for 10 off,… There's too much crap to list.

  4. I took a cross country trip in june in kansas a 80s model pete passed me with a 8V92 no DEF sounded so sweet but not allowed in calif. I live in calif. Air is not cleaner because carb most factories moved out thats why the air is the same not worsr

  5. California CARB is murdering calif trucking ceries city councel is against trucks in there city a company i drove for had a yard there they got tired of the city passing ordinances and pulled there yard out and based it solely out of fresno

  6. Come on people, we are about to enter an economic collapse, Europe is going down too, the problem is $$$$$, everybody is broke, living paycheck to paycheck, when people don’t buy the economy goes down, that’s what happens, we are all broke

  7. You get us some good info and I like that about you but you voice your opinion just way too much that's why I tend to click off of you and look for the story elsewhere I'm not trying to be rude or mean but most of us don't know you from Adam although your stories and reports are dead on your opinions and thoughts just don't matter because of the simple fact I don't know if you've been driving 6 months or 30 years I enjoy hearing about the news reports and the news stories but all other else is just dribble I don't mean to offend

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