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Coaching with Jamie Eason – Bodybuilding.com – jj

Coaching with Jamie Eason – Bodybuilding.com

Jamie Eason Fitness 360

Jamie Eason is by far one of the most recognizable fitness models in the industry. However, Jamie wasn’t born with a silver dumbbell in her hand; she had to fight tooth and nail for where she is today. And like any great success story, Jamie had to battle in the trenches before she reached the summit of success.

Jamie overcame every woman’s worst nightmare: breast cancer. Her personal struggle with the disease flipped her motivation switch. She began to make healthy lifestyle changes, building the body she never thought she’d have again, but better!

With 7 years under her belt since her bout with cancer, Jamie has accumulated an array of health and fitness knowledge that has aided her in her own rendition of survival of the fittest.

In an exclusive Bodybuilding.com interview, Jamie shares her best tips about training, nutrition and supplementation – tips that she has used to set herself apart in the world of fitness.

So sit back, relax (but not for too long), and learn the insider secrets that have set Jamie Eason apart as a tried and true fitness professional. To learn more about Jamie Eason, go to Bodybuilding.com at http://bbcom.me/1p3l7C1

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  1. No one has mentioned green tea. Its not a supplement or a food but it is super good for you. I try to drink 2 cups a day. Gets your fluids in and I makes you hungry so I think it boosts your metabolism and fat burning rate for sure. It slows aging and prevents a lot of diseases. Green tea for the win.

  2. Wow! She looks so good at her age and she works out and supplements the same as I do. I think I just found Wife #2 lolLove this chick, I hope you ladies get on board with her, she is just right in her build and training lifestyle. A lot can be learned here ladies, we want you to be fit but we don't want you too look like Us, that's a turn off to most men I know. This is how most of want you to drive for, but most of all do it for you. That's all that really counts anyway. And being healthy and happy! You inspire Jamie, Best wishes!!!!

  3. I was just exposed to you from a pamphlet in the train magazine. A young lady used your 12-week program to become fit.
    I have been cutting back with some exercising.I have lost 8 pounds from (232). I am at a stage where I am ready.
    I am shapely but I desire to be toned and smaller. I am short in stature. I always say I have thighs like a running back.
    I want to tone them not grow them, so I am wondering do I lighter weights and higher reps for my lower half because
    my butt is amble at any size.

  4. Just watched your video. Love you information. But you were talking a little fast. What were you saying you were taking for your powders? I heard something about brain. I plan on doing your program and sticking to it. I will be putting in 100%. I am 60 years old and feel as though I am in very good shape for my age. I work at a gym. I do body pump, body combat and weights. I cannot run because of my knee but do use the treadmill. What more can you tell me Jamie. I am so ready to get started. I want to get my food in order first so there are no distractions when I start this program. I feel as though I am a step ahead with the eating because I do watch what I eat and eat very healthy. My one concern is remembering the weight sets you are doing without being able to watch you. How to I remember what you are doing and insure I am doing the exercise correctly?. I could go on and on . I have a lot of questions. I look forward to hearing back so I may start as soon as possible.

    Thank YOu

  5. Cool to watch her….if you watch the other "Training with so and so" videos she is IMHO the very best spoken and most authentic delivery.  Everyone else is fine but they are not natural in front of the camera and stumble or say odd things.

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