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U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship Professional Pool Motion: Rodney Morris vs. Thorsten Hohmann – jj

U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship Professional Pool Motion: Rodney Morris vs. Thorsten Hohmann

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Another great match from BCn featuring Rodney Morris, U.S. Open Champion ’96 and Thorsten Hohmann, World Champion ’03, who square off in the Chalk-Off Arena in this winners bracket showdown at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship.

Jim Wych and Danny Diliberto call all the action.

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Video production in association with Accu-Stats Video: http://www.accu-stats.com


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  1. Jim Wych Danny Diliberto and Billy Incardona are the best commentators in the billiard world including snooker commentators), those guys are giving so much information about the game itself that you actually learning something

  2. @lemonite1 thats because that was the key rack in the match obviously. im a very fast player, but when it comes to a key decision i will apologize to my opponent and take quite a while, just to make sure i dont make any mistakes at all. hes a professional. give him a break.

  3. totally agree with you ..And by the way he does know a lot about shots …I've been listenning to those commentators on "star sports" (I live in asia now) and their knowledge of the sport is pathetic … its nice to have a voice like Danny to actually be learning properly about pool as you watch those professional events ..wish he was on in Asia as well..

  4. The old guy you refer to is Danny DiLiberto, one of the greatest one pocket players to have ever played the game, and has been inducted into the hall of fame for his incredible career performances.

    Ignorance isn't bliss, so learn a thing or two about someone before you accuse them for "knowing nothing about shots".

  5. That said, I would have my money on a circa 1980 Sigel
    Circa 1976'ish Mizerak
    Pre-stroke Mosconi when he was winning 14 World Championships

    and afew others. Fact is Thorsten is nowhere near the dominant straight pool player that each of those guys were in their era's.

    Even today I like Ortmann over Thorsten in a long (500+) straight pool match.

  6. and im tired of hearing about how bad the announcers are. The contention of the commentators is to entertain newcomer viewers, not the rabid pool fan/player. Because the pool playersthat watch already know everything, dont they already know everything

  7. Must be a fluke, since Thorsten apologized. What he had in mind was to glance off the bottom part of the 2 and go behind those balls (the 5, 9, 4 – even the 7 if he had hit the 2 real thin, which is risky, as one might scratch into the bottom right corner pocket). Also, you'll notice he would have left a shot at the 2 had he missed (chances of getting a safe with the 3 are slim – not as big a ball to get behind from that angle).

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