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Go to to the Historic Middle of the Metropolis of Porto Seguro Brazil – jj

Go to to the Historic Middle of the Metropolis of Porto Seguro Brazil

Visit of the Delegation of Espírito Santo (Capixaba) to the Historical Center of Porto Seguro in the State of Bahia on 02/28/2009. Get to know the History of Brazil narrated by Clério José Borges, Poet and Writer, Troubadour Capixaba. Visit of Clério José Borges, Poet Trovador and Writer Capixaba and entourage Capixaba in the Historical Site of Porto Seguro, in the State of Bahia. The Historic City of Porto Seguro is the starting point for those interested in the history of Brazil. It was there that the Portuguese settled as soon as they arrived in the country with the first grantee, Pero Campos Tourinho, in 1535. As the natives call it, the Upper Town is considered a National Monument since 1973. Located in the upper part of the city, gathers old buildings that are part of the memory of Brazil. From the entrance visitors can return to the past admiring all the beauty and local history. Continuing the walk, one arrives at the Landmark of Discovery, carved in marble with the Cross of Christ engraved on one side and the Arms of Portugal on the other, was brought by Gonçalo Coelho in the beginning of the 16th century to demonstrate that Brazilian lands already had owners . In the Municipal Palace, Center of the Historic City, built in 1772, the office of the intendant worked. The building now houses a modern museum. The Nossa Senhora da Pena Church, the patron saint of the city, was built in 1535 by Pero do Campo Tourinho, the first granary of the former hereditary captaincy of Porto Seguro. In it, also in the Historical City, is the oldest image of Brazil of St. Francis of Assisi made in baked clay, coming in the expedition of Gonçalo Coelho in 1503. Next to the ruins of the first Jesuit college of the country is the Church Our Lady of the Rosary, from 1549/1551, with St. Benedict the patron saint. In addition to all the historical richness, visitors can enjoy, taking a cold coconut water the beautiful view of the Orsa de Porto Seguro and know a little more about the local culture through presentations of capoeira and the handicraft of the Region.


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