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Why are so many marriages not working? – Patrick Doyle – theDove.us – jj

Why are so many marriages not working? – Patrick Doyle – theDove.us

Why are so many marriages not working? Is there a core problem with marriage? Can difficult marriages be changed? Counselor Patrick Doyle discusses these …



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  1. He is too optimistic that a husband can initiate change successfully. He probably has never come across a narcissistic woman. He is blames failure on relationships on.the men pretty much. When faced with unreasonable demands and inflexibility, people eventually check out. It is not that people are not heard. Sometimes they are heard all too well. He has some good points but the opening was a letdown.

  2. I initiated divorce because my husband was controlling, would not compromise, emotionally and verbally abusive. His friends and my pastor tried talking to him. He thought I was the problem. I fought very hard and prayed for months hoping for a breakthrough. He refused therapy. His friends even blame him and his difficult personality. I had to realize I deserve to be loved and respected for who I am.

  3. I'm only 28 minutes in but want to interject a thought :
    Yes it's selfishness
    That is Pride as shared in Christendom
    The world calls it
    It is an epidemic now in 2019!
    1000s of YouTube videos about it.
    And millions if not billions of damaged people as a result!
    Oh how Our Father longs to open the eyes of HIS BELOVED (the church) wanted her spotless without wrinkle ?
    ? praying and jusaying!

  4. Wimmenfolk, go to th'married wimmen whose husbands look manly, handsome no matter how "homely", confident without bein' jerks, and laff a lot(inna non-mocking way) The wife should look happy,satisfied,purty no matter how "homely" and laff alot too.
    Go to them wimmen and ask'em their tricks,techniques and way of doin' and sayin' real life with'im…
    (Don't hurt atall t'be a good cook, a great lover, and look as good as y'reasonably can too!!)

  5. Menfolk, y'aint gonna love yer wife like Jesus loved th'church no matter how outstanding she is till'y'get Christ in yer life like He tells ya to.
    P.S. You'll get respect and lovin' like goin' outta town when yu got that..(n'talk to a husband whose wife has a happy,glowin',satisfied look on her and ask him to tell a lot of his tricks n' techniques specially in the bedroom and lovin' department!

  6. Please pray for my wife Ann not to go through with divorcing me as she has filed divorce on me. I do not want a divorce. We have been married for 20 years. May God heal her heart and mind. Protection for our children Jolie and Marcus Jr. Grace and mercy in our marriage and family. Beauty from ashes.

  7. Oh Perry… You and your wife come from heaven above… You both came from perfect family backgrounds, both 3rd child… Gee… If we could all be just touched by God like you and your wife have.
    You sir are a perfect example of living a false truth. You sir are quite prideful.
    You sir are talk and no substance.
    You sir, are exactly the same thing as what this discussion is all about.
    My heart goes out to your wife… THIS woman isn't fooled by the public mask you wear.
    You could learn a lot from Patrick, but my belief is, you're already convinced you have nothing to learn.

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