Why do Bodybuilders Have Enormous Guts?

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This video is presented by Maik Wiedenbach. This video is for Why do Bodybuilders Have Huge Guts?. Maik Wiedenbach is a personal trainer. Maik is not only a personal fitness & bodybuilding trainer, but he is also a NYU professor, Olympian, and Musclemania champion.In this video personal trainer Mike talks about Why do Bodybuilders Have Huge Guts?. To watch this video you can know about Why Bodybuilders Have Huge Guts?, Bodybuilders Have Huge Guts?, Why do some bodybuilders have huge guts?.

This is the Christmas Q and A, covering the following topics
1. Who do bodybuilders have huge guts?
2. How to do a proper carb load?
3. Is tilapia a terrible food?
4. Has bodybuilding lost its ways?

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Maik is not only a personal fitness & bodybuilding trainer, but he is also an NYU professor, Olympian, and Musclemania champion.

A two-time World Cup and Olympic-level swimmer from Germany, Maik Wiedenbach arrived in the United States on a swimming scholarship from Fordham University.

After obtaining his NASM, BSA, and AFPA certifications, Maik founded Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training New York City and successfully turned it into one of the most sought-after training and nutritional services in Manhattan and East Hampton, serving clients in top tier facilities.

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  1. Your point regarding the large abdominal distention so prevalent these days on the pro-level bodybuilders where you say the large amounts of food eaten throughout the day is the one I see as the most apropos. These guys eat continually all day long, and the stomach and intestinal tract are so full of food (mostly dead animals) that the guys can only bring it in when consciously flexing. Many of the pro guys, like former Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, had tremendous problems in his pose transitions, from one pose to the next, because he was not consciously thinking about the abs, nor was he flexing them, thus the stretched out internal digestive system is not being held in check. The most popular belief these days seems to be the growth hormones and organ enlargement, but who can say with total certainty. What is certain though is that prior to this century, the top guys did not have this issue, so clearly something significant is at play. The guys from the Golden Era also ate loads of food, so who knows. The bottom line is that the top pro bodybuilders today are not at all healthy, nor are they living very long, and in reality, they are not body building, but rather body destroying! Bodybuilding should be a healthy lifelong means of keeping the body strong for maximizing functional longevity, but the money making professionals are off track. They may get rich at the top shows, but they pay dearly later!

    I definitely agree about the barbell curls. With the hands locked into position, not only can it cause forearm pain over time, but the bicep does not do one of its prime jobs, which is supinating the forearm from a pronated position. Dumbbells and cables are superior for maximizing bicep development. As machines become more sophisticated, some of them are now allowing for independent hand supination, which is a good thing. Barbell curls are also a very uncomfortable movement. Good recommendation Maik!


  2. Question if I may.. I’m almost tall @ 6’ and I have long arms. 6’3 span. (Of course I boxed, was almost good). To improve my look I want to add size on my forearms. Could you please offer your insight into adding mass to firearms? I have great grip strength I feel, as they rarely fail before my working muscles, even on 600lb dead’s, but are small compared to my bi’s n tri’s. I know you are quite tall and I love how you break thing down, so I ask you. Pls and thx!

  3. not steroids. Arnold took plenty of d bol!!! Dorians waist got bigger in 93. He will have upped his gh dosage. Extra muscle sits in the abdomen???? What bro science bs is this????????????? Dorians. Glycogen is transported to the muscle via insulin!!! Extra calories? Gary Strydom used to take 7000 cals a day and he had a tiny waist. The combination of insulin and gh causes the guts. This combo came about in the mid 90s and that's when guys like Nasser and then markus had the big blocky waists. guys today will be taking much higher dosages. Guys today eat so much to feed the drugs. If usin insulin, you had to take lots of carbs/food with it. Listen bro, your basic scientific knowledge is very strange indeed.

  4. Maik. I have been training for hmm 8 years.. The first year was a learning experience.. next 2 years we liftet HEAVY, alot of chest… Then I got injyred in shoulder.. I startet training smarter etc.. But my front delts are insanly overdevolep. ( I could send a picture). The last 3 years I never train train front shoulder. I do military presses or seat presses, in god form. I Lean my head forward to target the shoulder. I do A shit loads of side raises. Is this the wrong way to get more rounded shoulders? The sideraises have begun to some some pregres over the last 4 months. I do shoulders tuesdays and thursdays.

  5. How do you feel about doing reverse grip benching with dumbbells?.

    I have done this for years and really like the way it feels. You have better control of the dumbbells than a barbell. Also the hands are not locked in a certain position with dumbbells.

  6. Hi maik, someone told me in the gym that if u have been training more than 4 years naturally so your body will stop growing and the chances of hiting platue is also there. Maik plz make a short video about this because most of your followers are natties!!.

  7. I would argue that unless your competing for a show, most of this knowledge isn't that necessary for people. The average lifter is doing tons of mistakes. However if you lift and eat healthy you will look better than 90% of the population. Actually learn how to lift and eat properly you will have a body that most people consider their desired ones. If your competing well obviously your enhanced and tons more to the process. But if your watching this with no intention on competing then just gym 5 days a week, no more than a hour ten minutes and eat 250-500 more daily calories what you need to build muscle. I do agree natural bodybuilding is such a joke…

  8. For thé brother who has kids and whant's to workout,i'm 42 have a son 16y and doughter 10y i survived many obsacles mentally and physically but my tip top you If you have the space and a little finance buy yourselve a powerrack with latpully a bench a pair of adjustable dumbles a barr and some wheightplates all of this costed me about 1000$. Oké i work two differend shifts one week i get up at 04:05am til 9pm on my feet to get evertthing done with work, kids,job, cooking etc…thé other week from 06:00am till 11pm but it's worth it to keep me mentally sane and physically healthy.if you really want it there is a way also for you even if you have to do bodywheightworkouts it's better than nothing,bless you.

  9. Happy New Year Maik. Another good video – Like a good meal : All the components in an easy assimilatible form. May I ask: Your knowledge is wide and deep. How did you acquire it ? Are you simply good at absorbing data, or did you go to some secret German, ultra-performance institute? Many thanks.

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