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It’s also possible to begin your individual meals enterprise, in simply 59 minutes, license – the right way to begin meals enterprise in india, FSSAI norms meals enterprise startup in India – jj

It’s also possible to begin your individual meals enterprise, in simply 59 minutes, license – the right way to begin meals enterprise in india, FSSAI norms meals enterprise startup in India


If you want to start your eating and drinking business then there is good news for you. Food regulator FSSAI is claiming to do all the paper work for small food business in 59 minutes. Special camps will be installed for this. As a pilot project, work has been started in 10 districts like Nagpur, Sangli, Dhule, North Goa, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, Idukki, Somnath, Paradip and Kangra. After this the scheme will be run in all the states.

License in 59 minutes If you want to open a restaurant or a mirror and you are worried about the paperwork required, then your problem has been solved. Food regulator FSSAI is claiming to provide all paperwork for small food business in less than an hour. On the other hand, registration for food business will also be possible in 59 minutes for small industries on the lines of Rs one crore loan scheme. For this, camps will be installed in all the districts, where you will be able to meet all the food requirements related to food business in one place. FSSAI has asked all food commissioners to run the campan with this. (Read also – Good news! The new service started in the post office, 17 million people will get the benefit)

How to open your restaurant

Gather information- You should have knowledge of money, menu, location, conception, market research and operating system while opening the restaurant. You should have a plan and you have enough money to open the restaurant. There are many options to open the restaurant today. Apart from the local people, if you think that people like to taste the taste of non-veg, you can also open such restaurants. Its location also plays an important role in the operation of the restaurant. Suppose if you open a restaurant in the mall, then the possibility of fast food is more likely to run.

Make expenses list- Prepare a list of costs for the restaurant's business plan to start the cost of opening a new restaurant. Add the expenses incurred in the operation of the restaurant in the coming months. All calculations should be accurate and you should be aware of various financial aspects related to this business.

Know lawYou must obtain the necessary licenses and permits from the concerned local organization before opening the Rostore. Health Care Food Establishment is an important department issuing permits, certification. Apart from this, owners also have to obtain adequate insurance coverage.

Interior and menu list- Keeping the interest of locals in mind. Keep the price of the dishes according to the market. The restaurant interior is the center of its charm, and while opening the restaurant, you have to pay special attention to its interior. Today, people also like restaurants with different types of interiors. Furniture should be quite beautiful and furniture shopping can make a lot of money.

Promotion of the restaurant advertising people There is only one way to reach. If you want to tell the presence of a restaurant, it should start at the beginning of the restaurant. Blogging is a great way to create awareness about the restaurant. You can keep people updated by writing blogs through social media from time to time. Through this, you can also tell about new recipes served in the restaurant.

Tell people through the Internet If you wish, you can chat with those who write comments on the blog and discuss the restaurant's decor and style and new recipes. By exemption you can draw people to your restaurant, this is a great way and can prove to be helpful in the success of the restaurant.

Recruitment Process Restaurants Every employee working in should know his responsibilities very well. According to the need, the shuffle of the staff will not be right. The department, which has been given the responsibility of handling the restaurant department, should handle the same department. Be sure to train all employees before putting them on the job. They will be able to understand and understand their responsibilities by training. Untrained employees can harm your restaurant.

Needing Feedback- Due to its services, many international brands like McDonald's, Domino, Pizza Hut and Subway have established itself in the Indian market. They not only make the customer a tasty meal but value the time spent on them. In this direction, Pizza Hut came with a new concept, in which he gives his satisfied client a chance to play the bell. In the same way you can also take feedback from your customers about food.

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