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ZEE JANKARI why imran didn’t get formal greeting in United States | ZEE data: Why didn’t Imran Khan formal reception in America? – jj

ZEE JANKARI why imran didn’t get formal greeting in United States | ZEE data: Why didn’t Imran Khan formal reception in America?


It is astonishing that the history of India and Pakistan is one. The two countries have become free for 72 years. The tradition of the two countries is the same. But how big is the difference between the two countries. India is heading towards the moon while Pakistan is heading towards the sea. The only flag in Pakistan is the picture of the moon while the flag of India is going to rise on the moon.

India's Chandrayaan 2 is now revolving around the orbit of the Earth. But Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is doling out the Donald Trump's office. Imran Khan's respect in the US is far away from him. The Prime Minister of any country is the identity of that country. It is decided by the reception that what is the stature and identity of that country in the world. This insult of Imran Khan in the US has made it clear that Pakistan has overcome all countries in the world of diplomacy.

Between Imran Khan and Donald Trump, a meeting is currently underway at the White House. And the wrinkle of Imran's face clearly shows that the US has called Washington to give Imran not to give gifts but to admonish. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is on a three-day trip to the United States Imran arrived in America on Saturday, but as soon as he arrived, he got an idea of ​​his status in the world of international diplomacy. No big official or minister of the US government has been able to welcome Imran Khan. Imran Khan was recieve at the airport by the American Government's Acting Chief of Protocol Mary-Kate Fisher.

Imran Khan landed at the airport of Dulles Airport, not a government plane from Pakistan International Airlines but from a commercial airline of Qatar Airways … Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was already present to welcome Imran Khan. Imran Khan also had to ride an airport bus to get to the terminal from the airport. After this, Imran Khan arrives at the Pakistan Ambassador's house in the US.

Imran Khan will remain at the official residence of Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan during his visit. The Government of Pakistan and its media are very excited about the meeting of Donald Trump and Imran Khan. Imran Khan's international insult is trying to hide the media by giving it the simplicity of the media. Pakistan's government and the media claim that Imran Khan is doing all this money to save money, because Pakistan has become financially deteriorating.

But this is not the whole truth. According to media reports, Pakistan had offered a grant of Rs 1.72 crore to the US State Department. According to this offer, the US Foreign Ministry had to formalize Imran Khan. But the US government denied it.

The word setting in India is used many times. In common colloquial language it is also called Jugaad. On the strength of Jugaad or Setting, people often complete the small tasks. But Pakistan is a country that works in jugaad even in the critical world of diplomacy. To meet American President Donald Trump, Imran Khan has also supported Jugaad. According to the Pakistan newspaper The Express Tribune, Saudi Arabian is a big role behind this meeting of Imran Khan and Donald Trump.

According to the newspaper, the Pakistani government urged Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia to make these meeting fixes. Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and Prince of Saudi Arabia are good friends. It is being said that Mohammed bin Salman took advantage of his friendship with Kushner and convinced the White House to meet this. On the condition of anonymity of the newspaper, a source has also told that the Trump Administration was very difficult to persuade for this meeting because America is angry with Pakistan. So Imran Khan met Prince Mohammed bin Salman several times in Saudi Arabia and persuaded him to defend the middle. That is, the meeting between Trump and Imran has been possible after rubbing enough edges.

If Imran Khan came to the United States, then along with him, Pakistan's Cheif Of Army Staff, General Kamar Javed Bajwa and ISI Chief Faiz Hameed also reached America. Now you may be wondering what the heads of army and intelligence agency are doing during a Prime Minister's visit to a country. So let us tell you that Pakistan is a very different kind of country. There the country does not have its own army but the army has its own country, which the world calls Pakistan. Imran Khan does not do any work without the army's permission, so it is not surprising that the Chief of the Army Chief and the ISI chief accompany him on such an important visit.

Imran Khan is the puppet of the hand of the Pakistani army. America knows this thing too. During the meeting with Donald Trump and Imran Khan in the White House, Pakistan Army Chief was also present. That is, whatever message Trump had to give to Pakistan was given directly to Bajwa and Imran just kept listening to these instructions sitting there.

In this meeting, the presence of Pakistan's army chief and ISI chief also shows that the agenda for the meeting of the US is what it is. America wants to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by September this year. This is also included in Donald Trump's electoral agenda. The United States wants the Taliban to be prepared to negotiate with the government of Afghanistan with the help of ISI. Terrorist organizations around the world listen carefully to Pakistan's military and ISI and America also knows this very well.

The US is going to have elections next year and Donald Trump is currently in Deal Mode. Looking at the elections, Trump wants to Deal, from North Korea to the Taliban. So America is giving more importance than Imran Khan to Pakistan's army and ISI. Whenever any Prime Minister of Pakistan meets the President of the United States, the media there starts churning with happiness. Every time after these meetings, it is said that the meeting is spectacular. And the US has accepted all the things in Pakistan.

We are pretty sure that similar claims will be made after the conversation of Trump and Imran Khan. But the truth is that America too has started recognizing the true character of Pakistan. Therefore cheating trump will not be easy for Pakistan. On this visit, Imran Khan is doing his best to imitate the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, but Imran Khan forgets that the position of Narendra Modi in the world of diplomacy is like the CEO of a successful company, then Imran Khan SalesMan has not been able to complete training

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