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2019 – Chipping Norton Stakes – Winx – jj

2019 – Chipping Norton Stakes – Winx

Winx Runs Down Happy Clapper To Set A New Group 1 Record Of 23 Group 1 Wins And Wins Her 31st Straight Win


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  1. The 2019 Group 1 Doncaster Mile quinella finished behind Winx at their previous start and the 3rd horse, Hartnell has consistently finished behind Winx yet there are still fools doubting her on these pages. One can only hope they don't bet as they would be broke as they can't read a formguide.

  2. Was that Vivlos closing on Japanese star mare Almond Eye in the Dubai Turf ? Of course it was. This is the same horse who 4 x European Group 1 winner Ribchester couldn't challenge in the same race 2 years ago and yes this is the same horse Benbatl arrogantly defeated in last year's Dubai Turf and we all know that Winx is in a different class to Benbatl. That's the 7yo version of Winx being in a different class. Just imagine what the 5yo Winx would have done to Ribchester in the 2017 Queen Anne Stakes at Royal Ascot if Vivlos was beating him………It would have been embarrassing for Ribchester you can be certain of that and he was winning everything in Europe over a mile at the time. STILL these clowns want to doubt her……The doubters must be hoping like hell Almond Eye doesn't take all before her in Europe this year.

  3. The horses Winx beats are a joke. Libran (7 times) was a class 3 HANDICAPPER in the UK and best over 1m 4f (not 1m like this race) He was rated 61 at 1m in the UK and 101 over 1m 4f. Then there is Brimham Rocks who is Rated 101 over a distance of 1m 6f in the UK but 69 over 1 mile. He is essentially a very slow/poor horse. These are the type of horses Australia has racing beyond 1 mile (very very very poor standard) hence why Europe horse now dominate the Melbourne cup. In last 2 years only 2 Aussies horses have made the 1st 10 home in that race. Winx has been racing trees . Waller has had 6 of seven runners against her in last 2 races. Aussies have decent sprinters but beyong 6 furlongs theyre very poor . Waller sent 1 recently to Meydan "Comin Through" a "Group 1 hahaha" winner in Australia. He was spanked 15 lengths by a poor UK group 2 horse. This is why outside of Australia Winx will never be classed as decent.

  4. the world knows top euro pean horses beat top Australian horses as a general rule get over it you might get a few decent sprinters but at middle distances your not on the same planet ,you know its true.

  5. Very good horse who is known around the world now but still very very lucky on 2 counts. 1 that she was born a few years too late and 2 that she wasn’t born in England cos those 2 things keep her from being just another also ran behind the Mighty Frankel !!!

  6. Just too good.
    Plus now shes broken the Cox Plate track record and as a rising 8yr old has broken the first 2 runs of her prep race records. She's getting better with age. Would have loved to have seen her in a high pressure Caulfield Cup with say 57kgs 2 yrs ago. Just do the maths nothing can beat her especially at WFA and people are rambling abt she should take on The Autumn Sun lol. At WFA she gets 57kgs as a Autumn 3yr old I think ge woukd get 54.5kg so you think 2.5kgs would make it an issue lol. Besides Mystic Journey is the one to watch the she's from overseas TASMANIA LOL $11k and she won like Winx against a decent Australian Guineas field like they were nailed to the ground.
    Love seeing the cheap ones get it over the blue bloods. $11k and now over $1m in prize money thats what you call a WIN WIN all round. But watch how Waller presents her in the Ryder she looked a bit daggy in the Chipping Norton but the big one the QE he will have had her buffed shined and Gold shoes on and then what its all over, no one wants it to end the media have a bigger story if she gets beaten. Just a note the QE has been the grave yard for some champions finishing their careeers both Lohnro and Octagonal were beaten in their last runs but Winx is just 1 word SPECIAL. She won't let the crowd down.

  7. Just seen an aussie comment saying winx is 25lengths better than frankel! Based on times etc times in the uk are gonna be slower with the tracks, headwind, ground, undulations lots of reasons! Its like a an athlete doing the 400m on the track against an athlete doin 400m on a fkn field with mud, hills, undulations. You cannot compare its impossible. Only thing i do know,which is compareable, is at ascot frankel ran a faster furlong than black caviar in a longer distance race. Do u aussies seriously think winx beats frankel? Winx is winning group 1s against mostly group3 horses. Going 4 a lie down this insanity has got the better of me lol peace out bye…btw winx is a top horse but id b putting my house on say an enable or cracksman to beat winx.

  8. Cometh the hour, cometh the legend! Equine utopia. Nothing left to say. She continues to amaze even as a seven year old. WINX. Whenever social commentators utter the words remarkable, amazing, incredible, astounding, magnificent, outstanding, sublime, unbelievably unbeatable and a whole host of other superlatives . . . All we need to say in unison, in one voice so that the whole world can hear, is WINX. Nothing better! Nothing equal! Nothing more entrancing than WINX.
    The greatest racehorse of all time!

  9. Its just my opinion I'm just saying Winx is not the best horse Australia has seen that's no competition Phar Lap destroy's them all lets see winx win 4 races during a Melbourne cup week or the mighty Manikato who won 29 races 20 are which are now all Group1 races i could say First Seal was a better horse before getting a rare hoof problem beating winx to the post 5 out of 6 times you have your opinion i got mine when winx is in a museum we will see or if she's remembered in 50 years with Phar lap Carbine Tullouch Benbrough. And I'm not a Winx hater i think she's a champion.

  10. On times Winx is 25 lengths better than Frankel.
    Winx ran 133.27 over the tough Randwick mile 1600 on Saturday, untouched as a seven year old mare.
    Frankel has not got within 4 seconds of this time in numerous starts over 8f.
    I thought Frankel was one of the very best i have seen. I now think Winx is better than Frankel.

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