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25 wells within the park in Hisar for Water harvesting | Know, why two aged individuals of Hisar spent their pension in parks and constructed 25 'properly' – jj

25 wells within the park in Hisar for Water harvesting | Know, why two aged individuals of Hisar spent their pension in parks and constructed 25 'properly'


Hisar: One, not two, but 25 whole 'wells' Yes, you read perfectly well. Two elderly people who retired from the Government Department of Hisar have made strange hobbies. Together they have managed 25 wells in the surrounding parks. Do not panic, if you know the story ahead, you would rather admire Vijay Prabhakar and Satish Kalra, who live in Hissar Urban Estate instead of being surprised. Rains are running in many areas including Haryana, Punjab, the problem of waterlogging is common. Even in your area, the rains will not only get parked, but it is also common for the water to be filled with water.

But retired Vijay Prabhakar and Satish Kalra in Hisar have presented such an example, which has solved the problem of waterfalls, and water has also been saved in the womb of the earth. In fact, the water harvesting system is building in both parks. This harvesting system is such that water is drained through the drains and then left in the harvesting system.

What are the benefits, what will be the surprises to know
Vijay Prabhakar from Hisar retires from the Satish Textile Veterinary Department from the post of Superintendent Engineer. Both are associated with the Vanamprasastha institution in Hissar. One day, in the rainy season, the problem of accidents due to water accumulation in the streets and after that due to water is discussed in the social institution, Vanasthastha. From that day, both of them decided that something like this would be done to prevent flooding and subsequent hazards, and also to make use of water. Together they put water harvesting systems in the park at their level. This was done in the eternal park of Hisar Urban Estate. The streets passing around the park were connected to the park by creating 7 small canals.

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Use of technology
These water harvesting systems have been made very technologically. The well was planted first, then a large plastic pipe was placed inside it. Also, tell you that the filter is also made by adding gravel, etc. to avoid dirty water in the soil. This water harvesting system is completely covered, i.e. there is no chance of having an accident due to an accident.

Clean water gets water in 3 days but not in a few hours
The specialty of them is that the water that was filled up in the park for the first 3 to 4 days is now resolved in a few hours. If the rain water is more than 3-4 inches in the park, then it will come into the soil through the West and the system, it has also been done so that rain water can be used in the park's greenery. Dirt water filters can be made in the rain, due to this the filters have also been made from gravel etc.

Mayor of the corporation also praised
To see the technique, Hissar Municipal Corporation's Mayor Gautam Sardana also came to the park. Satish Kalra says that the corporation had got an invitation to give him a presentation to teach the technique and he also went. Vijay Prabhakar and Satish Kalra say that people should come forward to save water, and should cooperate to make Hisar a Clamatic Recycle City. On the other hand, the remaining ones of their efforts have also been convinced.

Connect with the architects of Next Target, Hisar
Water Harvesting King of Hisar is made up of both the elderly ie Vijay Prabhakar and Harish Kalada. They say that they will now make these schoolchildren aware, and they will meet them as well as the arcade of Hisar. So whenever they make the map whenever they make the map, in such a way that the roof of the house should be cleaned in a clean condition without filter and so on. This will help him with water extraction as well as in water hausting.

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