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Deal with to the Nation on GOP Plan to Deal with America's Debt Disaster – jj

Deal with to the Nation on GOP Plan to Deal with America's Debt Disaster

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) this evening addressed the nation regarding the Republican plan for addressing America’s debt crisis and creating a better environment for private-sector job growth. Read the full remarks here: http://www.speaker.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=253664


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  1. @needarb I would not argue with the fact that almost all those congressional representatives involved in these committees and councils on taxation are contributing to the problem with confiscatory policies, both big corporations and small businesses indirectly.

    What should be of concern are individual working classes and family budgets for the basic necessities. This is the risk with increasing deficit spending, raising taxes, etc. The right answer is to cut taxes and smaller government.

  2. @MrSexualFury – The figures you cite only serve to demonstrate your ignorance, as with many of the other posters here. $482 billion is commonly accepted figure, boner boy. Try checking the Congressional Budget Office or Office of Management and Budget web sites if you're interested in reality. Otherwise, 'ignorance is bliss' as they say… apparently this is particularly true for libs.

  3. Speaker Boehner needs to confront senator Joe Walsh who is a dead beat dad that owes his first wife and children over $100k.
    Where is the full faith and credit of Joe walsh ? How can Wash or Boehner stand up and sound so honourable when walsh owes his children this money for their education and their health care. The speaker needs to cut ,cap and send walsh's salary to his wife & children for the child support he owes.
    It is time these guys lived like they talk instead of fooling us.

  4. @thepunkpilot
    Theres nothing sensible about the GOP today. Dems don't cry about not getting their way compared to GOPers. That's what all that tea party talk about Obama & Dems being tyrants is all about… that's just you & your party feeling all sore about not being in power.

    Next time you want to talk about "both parties are at fault" in order to make yourself APPEAR post-partisan, remind yourself that the rest of us aren't buying that garbage. be HONEST with yourself.

  5. Blah Blah Blah, it is all his fault, even average Joe like us know that if a big problem has a deadline, it is a must to take plan, action, and extra buffer time line to make sure that such event can be resolved before deadline. Instead, you politician use deadline as the bargain chip to get other compromise.

    What is Cut Gap? why your speech is so abstract than Obama's speech.

  6. @physcoD420 not just china dipshit. every capitalized country owes us money, and we owe money to them too. the fed res and other corporate entities hold our debt too, and the us taxpayer foots these bills! do you not realize that the stimulus was a loan from these entities that our great, great great grandchildren will have to pay for??? probably not huh? fuck, get educated.

  7. @physcoD420 and im not wrong bc i merely say that the reps have a more sensible and feasible plan than the dems. funny that so many of u ignorant plebeians say you "know the truth" yet you support a (dem) facist nanny state doomed to become a third world country. does the entire political system need an overhaul? yes. do both parties suck ass? yes. did the reps fuck the country? yes. did the dems fuck up the country? yes. which party has the best interest of the people in mind? reps!

  8. @physcoD420 have you built and sold a company? have you contributed anything to society? im not about to let some stoner try to talk to me about politics. thats the problem with democracy is that we let any idiot have a voice.

  9. @physcoD420 i hate arguing with ignorant fucks. having sold a company by 21 and owning a new start up, i guess i am a weasel dick. the fact that i prolly pay more taxes than u, and give to charity is of no consequence either i guess. im a centrist and not affiliated with parties, but i have no respect for liberals who think that we can keep throwing blank checks at our economic problems, and then pointing fingers. the reps are retarded for the war and cutting taxes bc that racked up debt too.

  10. @fixedupdice there's too much hard partisan bullshit from both DC, and the citizens alike. we have to put aside party ideologies and focus on the problem here: we owe too much, and spend too much! It doesnt matter how much money you take in if you spend all of it, and then some. fundamental finance! the US government has been too irresponsible with our money, both parties are at fault. but the reps have a more sensible approach to this issue, yet the dems just cry about not getting their way

  11. @wrodjr im not gonna argue with an idiot. no shit he had to go back to the drawing board…it happens all the time in business and politics because unforeseen variables become clear. u seem to condemn anyone that doesnt have a one shot "magic pill". pelosi and the other facist fucks just want to raise everything: debt ceiling, debt, and taxes. and taking more money from anyone regardless of their class is stupid. we need major spending cuts. get yourself educated before u run your mouth.

  12. @thepunkpilot
    "I don't care about political affiliations…"

    like Boehner doesnt? thats why he went HARD PARTISAN, calling his plan to raise the debt ceiling the "Two-Step Approach to Hold President Obama Accountable."

    he talks about the debt ceiling in there….. but it seems like he's thinking about something… or someone… else & not really focused on his JOB. hmmm i wonder what – or who – that could be.

    you look like youre suffering the same thing Boehner is. any guess?

  13. @sq10Khan fuck off! this man has the balls to do what's necessary, but reps and dems don't like it! that doesn't mean he's wrong! also make sure ur comments sound intelligent before you start to talk shit!

  14. @fixedupdice by sedative i think you mean i should stop using my brain…as i imagine you have. I don't care about political affiliations, but the democrats do not have the american peoples' interest at heart. the nations budget must be cut, capped, and balanced! just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong!!! The frivilous spending has to stop, and raising taxes and the debt limit will only hurt the middle class! Obama's plan, or lack thereof, will only postpone an economic collapse.

  15. @Videogameplayer1 just because im cussing doesn't mean im wrong. I hate the bipartisan political system, yet I respect the Republicans…especially now. Congress passed the bill, and it's responsible, sensible, and in the best interest of the people.

    yet you all neglect the fact that the democrats/obama administration has fucked us as hard as the bush administration did. obama merely wants to spend more of your money, yet you just take in his lip service…that's all he does, give lip service.

  16. Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!! You ignorant fucks need to get your heads out of your asses!!!! You ignorant fucks talk so much shit about things you don't understand!!!!

    I've never agreed more with REPUBLICANS in my life!!!!

    Drastic measures must be taken to revitalize the economy, but you fuckers are too hell bent on pointing fingers and suckling on the tit of the nanny state!!!

    Get your own fucking priorities straight and get your ignorant asses educated before you start talking shit!!!!! Fuck!

  17. @PainandMotivation I was the black sheep musician, raised within a family of decorated Marines, two of which I'd knocked or choked-out over the years, as I have issues with authority; particularly with trial attorney dad who represented giant insurers. And having lost it all (home of 20 years, after a BS Workers' Comp. horror story over the past 7 years, my issues with political/judicial have only heightened. 'Tis a good story, which I'm currently assembling for an upcoming mini-documentary.

  18. we need Dems to control the white house & congress for a good 10 years. unlike the GOTP… Dems actually DELIVER on campaign promises about half the time. w/i 2 years under Obama/Reid/Pelosi control, Dems did much of what they SAID they would do back in '08 – healthcare & wall st reform, draw down in Iraq, DADT repeal & on & on…

    GOTP promised to work on jobs in '10 but have delivered NO plans/legislation for it. Obama's STIMLUS has done more for jobs. time to vote the GOTP out of power.

  19. Congratulations to my friend Mr. Boner for abandoning his duties as a duly-elected member of this country's legislature by once again displaying his loyalty to his party rather than to his constituents. Congratulations for still wanting to play the piddly political games of Washington which thus far has led us to the brink of bankruptcy. Thank you my friend. Thank you for looking the American in the face and lying through your crooked teeth.
    Suck Sarah Palin's dick. I'm out.

  20. I am sorry but the business model is not a good one for government. In business, the ones who benefit are not the employees or customers but the owners/investors. The only seeming sticking point is the removal of tax loopholes for big business and the wealthy. Balance the budget through compromise and we all win. Balance the budget by using a trickle down business model and the only winners are those with the majority of America's economy in their bank accounts.

  21. It is disgusting to believe that you Republican Tea Party Folks really believe that you will be help by the Boehner & Gang. You are being used so the rich Republicans can still more and you will still be bare mouth without any Dental & Medical.
    For as Bush Debt of $482B; of course when you are padding the books this is what you will find. Stealing more money from you "Crazy Folks"Tea P

  22. @MrSexualFury – The Bush Tax cuts were "never paid back"? Huh? So the tax cut savings you and I took home the last 10 years belong to the gubment? Have you paid YOURS back yet? Gonna write that check when? Tomorrow? And the "spending when Bush was president"?… um, let's see: Bush's highest deficit was $482 billion. Obama 2009-$1.4, 2010-$1.5 TRILLION. So please explain to me how you rationalize that Bush was a profligate spender when Obama's deficit spending is 3 times as much?

  23. @needarb Yes, absolutely! Raising taxes on huge companies is what animates their moving to tax-free venues, and inspires a change in behavior, called "capital flight". The corporate taxes are passed directly onto the consumers, ergo never paid out of corporate profits anyway. No big corporation operates without support of small businesses who provide goods and services, hence the creation of more jobs and local employment. Your hegelian dialectic talking points don't compute.

  24. Goverment is not a busniess. Buinesses fuck over the middle class and poor, their ideal work force is one that gets paid just enough to stay alive and going to work, one that works in conditions that are just good enough to keep them alive in the short term (ie no many deaths that happy while they are still in their prime) and a work force that doesnt question when their bosses make 100s of times of what they make. Goverment should keep basic things running and should protect the people

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