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Apple Watch may get MicroLED show subsequent yr, report says – jj

Apple Watch may get MicroLED show subsequent yr, report says



The 2020 Apple Watch could switch to using MicroLEDs. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

It isn’t just the 2020 iPhone that could be getting a major revamp. Apple may be giving the Apple Watch a big update as soon as next year. 

According to a new report from Chinese-language Economic Daily News, spotted by MacRumors, the iPhone-maker could be set to give its Watch a pretty sizable update with the new screen technology. Unlike OLED, which the Apple Watch has used since its first iteration launched in 2015, MicroLED can allow for brighter displays that are more power-efficient than OLED. They also don’t have the same risk of burn-in that OLED experiences. 

It isn’t the first time that Apple has been rumored to be experimenting MicroLED. An earlier report suggested that Apple was developing the displays at a California facility. The new report, however, suggests that Apple will be working with two Taiwanese companies on the new displays. 

Apple did not respond to a CNET request for comment. 

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