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Aqua – Barbie Woman (Official Video) – jj

Aqua – Barbie Woman (Official Video)

Music video by Aqua performing Barbie Girl. (C) 1997 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S #Aqua #BarbieGirl #Vevo.



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  1. This gave me a headache… I haven’t had a headache in 13 years. This needs to die in a hole, be lit on fire, have a gamma ray be shot directly at it, then be launched into space, go through every single star in the galaxy, then go into the black hole in the center of our galaxy where it will remain for an incomprehensible amount of time (might as well be called forever) as the black hole slowly evaporates due to Hawking radiation and makes the matter that use to be this song, every little quark and string that makes it what it is and makes all of that disappear. For eternity.

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