case of kidnapping and conversions of Hindu ladies in Pakistan | Pak Maulvi Mitha Kabula- My mission to make Hindu ladies Muslim


  • Pakistan's Sindh province, the largest denomination of conversion, remains where Maulvi Mitha
  • Maulvi said – I married hundreds of Hindu girls by making them Muslim, the elders also did the same, my children would do too.
  • 'I made arrangements in the dargah for conversion of Hindu girls, they themselves come here'

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 23, 2019, 12:42 PM IST

Islamabad (Shah Jamal). Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is on his first US tour. Concerned about this, 10 US lawmakers have written to President Donald Trump that he should talk directly to Imran Khan on the issue of kidnapping and forcible conversions of Hindu girls in Sindh province of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khalik Mitha, who became a villain for Hindus in Sindh province, while interacting with Bhaskar, admitted that he was on the mission to make Hindu girls Muslim, and will continue to do so. Not only this, he says with the claim that his nine children will do the same thing, just as his ancestors did.

More than 1000 cases of conversion to Sindh

On the other hand, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has recently acknowledged in the recent report that more than a thousand cases of conversion of minorities have been registered in Sindh province alone last year. The largest of conversion to Sindh province is Bharuchun Dargah of Dharki city, which is run by Abdul Khalik Mitha, close to Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to the social workers, 450 Hindu girls were converted into this dargah in the last nine years.

When Mitha was talking about this, he said, 'Yes, I have arranged for the conversion of Hindu girls in the dargah. But, I do not send any team to bring girls from their home to the dargah. They come here with their will. That's why I arranged for their marriage. My ancestors have served Islam by conversion of Hindus. Today I am pushing this mission forward. After my death my children will also raise it. '

According to Mitha, "India's homecoming campaign was quickly cooled down because no Hindu girls are being forced to cooperate with them in Pakistan. The homecoming campaign was only to show Pakistan and Islam down. If a Hindu girl had been forced to convert to convert to a Hindu girl then India would have gone to the UN first. But, he did not do this. There are more than 17 Hindu girls in my house, dargah and in the safe house, but I did not convert them because they themselves do not want to do this. But, I want to change the religion that I want to change. '

Mitha is close to Imran, says – I want another Begum, that too Hindustani

78-year-old Mitha has been conversing for decades. Due to political penetration, he became close to Prime Minister Imran Khan. Nine children's father. His wife has passed. Now she wants to marry another. He says, 'My follower wants me to do one and the other. So I am also searching for a bride. My new Begum is from Hindustan, that is my wish. '

People on the streets against conversion of more than thousand Hindu girls over a year

In Sindh province, people are stepping on the streets against forcible conversions. The conversion of Hindu girls into Pakistan is as old as the Muslim population here. Hindu girls of 11-15 years are getting the most victims. Since the recent kidnapping of two girls, the issue is again hot.

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