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Distinction between polarized and unpolarized lenses – jj

Distinction between polarized and unpolarized lenses

I will try to explain to you the advantages of sunglasses with polarized lenses and non-polarized lenses; and also some curious effect related to this type of lens:

A polarized lens is a type of filter that blocks the light coming in a certain direction. The usual thing in this type of sunglasses is that they are polarized vertically, so that it will block the light that comes at a certain horizontal angle. We start from the basis that the sunlight itself is not polarized (vibrates in all directions) so the glasses will not block it as is. What happens is that when that light is reflected on a horizontal surface (for example the road; especially if it is wet) then the lens does block it.

That is the main advantage of polarized sunglasses: they largely eliminate (not completely; remember that we live in a real world) that reflection of light that causes a lot of visual fatigue at certain times.

To understand it in a much simpler and more practical way, I have prepared this video for you to understand better.


    – Total protection against UV rays.
    – Vision without reflections.
    – Superior sharpness and contrast.
    – Natural colors.
    – Reduction of eye fatigue.
    – Light and resistant lenses that provide more comfort and safety.
    – Suitable also for people with high sensitivity to light.
    – They exist with and without graduation, even progressive lenses.


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  1. Había leído que las gafas con polarizado dejan pasar algo de luz para poder ver sin problema y las que no son polarizadas casi no dejan pasar luz y son un poco más oscuras, me ayudo tu vídeo ya que comprare unas gafas sin polarizado pero con protección UV400 para saber la diferencia

  2. Muchas gracias por el vídeo siempre leei que el polarizado elimina los reflejos del sol y demás ,pero nunca había visto la diferencia tan clara y fácil de saber ,muchas gracias excelente vídeo .

  3. Muchas gracias por la explicación. Compré unas gafas y tenía dudas de si eran o no polarizadas. He hecho el truco que explicas con dos gafas: una que se que no lo son y la otra las que he comprado que no me fiaba y ha funcionado.  Muchas gracias.

  4. exelente me aclareste la duda q necesita nunca habia tenidoo unas gafas polarizadas ni gafas de sol por q simpre usaba gafas recetadas pero ahora q tengo lentes de contacto necesitaba unas cafas cofiables y ya las tengo gracias a este video muchas gracias exelente video

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