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Donald Trump 10000 lies and kashmir mediation controversy | Trump has spoken greater than 10 thousand lies, false accusations about India even earlier than – jj

Donald Trump 10000 lies and kashmir mediation controversy | Trump has spoken greater than 10 thousand lies, false accusations about India even earlier than


new Delhi: During the visit of American Prime Minister Imran Khan to America, US President Donald Trump said that India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi had offered him arbitration on Kashmir. India clearly said that such a PM Modi did not do Donald Trump. It is clear from this that Donald Trump has once again clearly lied to this issue.

Donald Trump Such blasphemous names are known for unrealistic statements and false claims, and this is due to their misery in America and around the world. In April this year, the British newspaper The Guardian published an article on the false claims of Trump. In this article it was told that since Donald Trump has been president of the US since then, he has lied more than ten thousand so far. If the average is measured, then a record of lying about 17 times a day is made.

Arbitration Controversy: 'PM Modi himself should say that if the US President lied, then we will obey PM'


Regarding India …
In relation to India, Trump has not lied to such a first time. Earlier, on the issue of climate change, he had made a false claim that India and China are not the United States, but the world's largest pollutants. On the contrary, the truth is that both countries may be big polluters in terms of climate change but in this case, the US is ahead of them. According to experts, the share of India and China in the current level of global warming is 10 and 6 percent, respectively, but the US contribution in this case is 23 percent.

PM Modi never asked for arbitration with Trumpet on Kashmir: S. Jaishankar

Cleaning of the external affairs minister
It is notable that in the aftermath of Donald Trump's statement that India was born, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday made a statement that PM Modi never said such a thing to President Trump. However, despite the statement of the External Affairs Minister, this case is still not seen to be cold. According to sources, the demand of the opposition is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should come and clarify in Parliament on this. His statement of any other minister will not be acceptable to him.

Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said on the issue that all of you must have seen on TV channels that the President of the United States said during the interaction with the Prime Minister of Pakistan that when he meets the PM Modi two weeks ago, he will mediate Asked for. He said that the question is that till today our foreign policy has been that it is a matter between the two countries, that no power in the world can come in between. We will resolve this problem by bilateral.

Ghulam Nabi Azad said that now the question arises that there has been such a big change in our country's policy? After all, the president of the world's most powerful country has said so. I do not think the President of America would have spoken without thinking. Along with that Azad also said that I do not say that our Prime Minister has lied. But let the Prime Minister come and say this thing that the President of America has lied. We will obey the prime minister of our country. But if an officer speaks this thing then we will not accept it. The Trinamool Congress also said that the PM should come and tell in the house whether the trump is lying or not.

What did Trump say?
Addressing the press during the talks with Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, Donald Trump said, "Two weeks ago my PM was met with Narendra Modi and he asked me if you would like to become a dementia? Where did I ask? They said, in Kashmir.

On the other hand, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has also urged Donald Trump to play the role of mediator on the Kashmir issue. On this Trump said, 'If I can help, I would be happy to become the arbiter.'

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