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4 Pakistanis who run towards India – jj

4 Pakistanis who run towards India


Wazir Mohammad

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Now Wazir Mohammad lives in the Solihal of Britain

The introduction of Pakistan's former Test player Wazir Mohammad is not only that he is the elder brother of Haneef Mohammad, Mushtaq Mohammad and Sadiq Mohammad, known as the Little Master.

He played very few Test matches against his three brothers, but at the nuances of the game, he kept a close watch from his brothers, and this is the reason that his identity is in the intellectual cricketers of his time.

In the test series against the West Indies, Hanif Mohammed made a record of playing a memorable innings of 337 runs, in the series, Wazir Mohammad played the Not Out Pairs of 189, 106 and 97 runs.

Wazir Mohammad's age has now been more than 89 years and in that sense he is the most senior Test cricketer of Pakistan, but at this age he is also well-meaning.

Wazir Mohammed is living in the remote area of ​​Solihal, away from the noise of Birmingham city in the UK for 45 years and his time goes in watching the cricket matches on gardening and TV.

He says that when he is watching the batting of a batsman, he becomes the captain of the fielding team and thinks which fielding can be done for this batsman.

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Wazir Mohammad talked about the many important events that took place during his career in a special interview to the BBC.

Just the trial for me

He said, "During the Test cricket I played, the conditions were never easy for me because whenever the time for the selection of the Pakistan team was made, the names of all the players were written immediately but whenever my name comes, the questions The mark is put on and it is said that your selection will be with the Trials. "

"I was mentally strengthened by giving trials and I was not afraid of the trials but was prepared for it."

According to Wazir Mohammad, he scored a century in Dhaka against Commonwealth XI, after which the second match was in Karachi, which was actually like a trial for England tour but they were not fed in that match.

"It was my first time in my life when I questioned not feeding the selectors but I could not find the answer. Actually, he feared that if I played in this match and made runs, then join me in the team. I will. "

Mother came to the stadium, three brothers out at zero

He explains that his mother was very fond of cricket and when he used to listen to commentary on the radio, no one was allowed to go to his room and talk.

"We did not come in the National Stadium to watch the matches of the brothers, but one day we forced them to come to the stadium, but did we know that in this match of the Qayyed Azam Trophy we will all be out on zero."

"Seeing this, he got into a rage and began to say that you guys brought me to the stadium to show it."

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Wazir Mohammad says that the mother had scolded him after taking the catch of brother

He told that once a brother of them took the catch of Sadiq Mohammad, on which his mother became so angry that he did not talk to the brothers many days.

'Sorry to play Rais Mohammad's Test'

Rais Mohammad was a very stylish batsman and used to bowl, but with them he also did the trials that the selectors did.

Unfortunately, he did not score a bigger score in the trials though he played a major innings in domestic cricket. Mother also had the pity of not playing her Test.

I used to say to Rais Mohammad that he should fortify himself so that he can succeed in the trials.

'Hanif Mohammad was forced to retire'

He said, "When New Zealand came to Pakistan in 1969, I was a selector. Abdul Hafiz Karber came to me and said that you should tell Haneef Mohammad that he should retire because if we retire, it would not be a good thing. . "

"I told Haneef Mohammad that I have to tell you with pity but you are being asked to retire."

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Honeef Mohammad

Haneef Mohammad did his Test debut against India in 1952. In this match he played 51 and 1 run. In the next tour of India in 1955, he played a fine innings of 142 runs.

On the tour of India in 1960, he also scored 160 runs in the first Test. The name of Haneef Mohammad has been recorded by the Pakistani team for making the triple century for the first time.

He played 337 runs against the West Indies in 1958 which is a record.

Like Haneef, his all-rounder, Bhai Mushtaq Mohammad, has played a number of brilliant innings against India. After debuting against the West Indies, Mushtaq, who came to India in 1960, made innings of 101, 61 and 41 not out.

He scored 3,643 runs in 57 Test matches and took 79 wickets.

In 1969, Sadiq Mohammad, the youngest batsman to debut against New Zealand, has a high score of 166 runs. He has scored 2,579 runs in 41 Test matches.

He has scored 41, 47 and 46 innings against India.

The elder brother, Wazir Mohammad, had just made a tour against India and scored 55, 34 and 23 runs in it. But these best 1958-59 he played against the West Indies.

There he played 189, 106 and an unbeaten 97 runs. The most interesting thing is that four brothers were born in Junagadh in British India, which is in Gujarat today.

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