Girlfriend from residence with lover, mom with hooligans tried to kidnap dayhand married lady goes to kidnap



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Updated: Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 16:14 (IST)

Sitapur Five months ago in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, the girl who was away from home with her lover tried to kidnap her daughter day after day. As soon as the news of the abduction of the girl, the police reached the spot and arrested the mother and her companions and brought both sides to Kotwali. Police say that investigation of the case is under investigation. The whole incident is in the District Collectorate premises of Kotwali area.

married woman goes to kidnap

Marriage away from home six months ago

According to the information, Preeti Tiwari, who lives in the Mishish police station area, was having a love affair with Munna Mishra of Piswan. According to Preeti, she had married her boyfriend and ran away from home on 6th February, 2019, but her mother used to oppose the day. According to Preeti, her mother filed a molestation case against her son-in-law to end her marriage. At the same time, when the beloved girlfriend came for bail in the case of molestation in Kachhari, Gauri's mother created a conspiracy to kidnap her daughter. The mother tried to pick up the daughter with some companions and put her in the car, but if the people present there opposed it, she could not succeed.

married woman goes to kidnap

Police arrested

After getting information of day-to-day kidnapping, police reached the spot and arrested the abductors and took them to Kotwali. The Additional SP Madhuban Singh says that the investigation of the case is being investigated and if the girl gives a flutter of the case, case of kidnapping will be registered in the case. Police say that the beloved girlfriend is both adults and both have the right to take a decision, so the girlfriend's mother can not take her with him. And the matter which he has written against his son-in-law, is being discussed.

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