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Hex Installer helps you to customise your individual Samsung theme – jj

Hex Installer helps you to customise your individual Samsung theme


One of the things that people love about the Android platform is that it’s a lot more customizable than the devices on the other side of the equation. Samsung devices running on One UI, the software overlay of the Korean OEM based on the latest Android update, also have a built-in theme engine and theme store. However, this is limited because there are only a few developers that have been partnering with them. An app called Hex Installer now lets you build your own custom theme even if you’re not an “official partner”.

As per XDA Developers, Hex Installer is actually utilizing the High Contrast theme that has been pre-installed on all the Samsung Galaxy devices that are running on One UI on Android Pie. The theming solution then lets you change a lot of aspects of that theme, like mixing and matching several elements until you feel like it’s really your own theme that you built. This is particularly good for those who don’t really know how to hard code but would like to try their hand at creating a customized theme.

Through the app, you’ll be able to change several color settings like with the background color, primary color, accent color, text color, Quick Settings and Notifications colors. So if you feel like creating a rainbow theme on your device, this is sort of your chance to do so. You can also tweak things like navigation bar height, Quick Settings transparency, and of course the font used. You will also be able to theme some of the popular third party apps to a darker base, if that’s something you prefer.

If you’re pretty happy with the theme that you created, you can submit it to the app and if it passes, other people can use it. If you’re liking Android Q as early as now, it also has a plug in that lets you create a theme incorporating some of the elements in the upcoming Android update.

The good news is that you don’t need to have root access or ADB that is why it’s relatively easy to use. The bad news is that you’ll have to shell out real money for it. The other good news is that the app will only cost you $0.99.

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