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How I Manifested Getting Married To The Man I Love!! – jj

How I Manifested Getting Married To The Man I Love!!

How i Manifested Getting Married to The Man I Love!! Rewrite Your Story with a MarchiasMind Journal for Scripting and Journaling: Buy here: …



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  1. Great video.. I've been feeling these signs of sychronicity and have been very intrigued with getting myself in tune with the universe…So I've been searching for videos lately and came across your video of you driving on your car.. But anyway … I feel like your one step ahead of where I want to be And knowing that I will be there… Anyway.. You have a new subscriber!! And I think your awesome.. Keep going!! Speak to the universe.☺

  2. Marchia, you know what, you are just beautiful… i dont know how to frame it… what words to use… or even how to say what I want to say… but i can connect… feels like I am talking to a close friend… feels warm, yes! warm's the word?

  3. Marshia I'm so happy you let things just run its course and your very brave and truly loved him because if I proposed to someone (which I would never do-lol) and he'd rejected me I would have left him a long time ago yet, here you are a beautiful woman that for any man would have married you in a heart beat.

  4. Ppl still say and need to hear, I love you…. I understand what you mean because the guy I talk to shows me he loves me in many ways…. And I believes he does… I have withheld saying it, but I'm not going to lie, I need to hear it.

  5. I've been manifesting for a while and even gotten pregnant after 13 years of trying. I want my boyfriend to love me. We both admit this is different from all our other relationships but he still has issues from his past and is afraid if we don't last that I will take all his money and just leave him emotionally dead. I do all I can to prove I adore him and tell him marriage is work and I'm willing for it. His mom pleads for him to marry me as much as I do. I want to be a legit family a d have the same name as my son and like you mentioned, good insurance. I've told him I need that security and commitment but he sees it as we love each other and nothing's really gonna change so why get married. I'm so hurt.

  6. This sounds very similar to a story that is still playing out in my life… Thank you for sharing Marchia! I think the thing for me to do is keep letting go again, each step of the way…. <3 Surrender, & re-surrender…. Peace!

  7. I believe everybody has their own belief system and everybody will execute it the way it works for them.. and clearly it worked for her because now she has her husband and he needed that little push.. everybody has their own way of doing things and if her and her husband are happy, and you're shaming her for it, then shame on you. It is not like she tied him up or threatened him. this was a beautiful story. I am very happy for you and your husband Marchia. Many happy years for the both of you.

  8. Thank you Marchia…i truely believe you are onto something. I know my new partner is showing me how he feels purely by his actions and how he treats me. i am hoping his feelings grow stronger and deeper, but he needs to feel totally safe, as like your husband, he has been hurt badly. he tells me many beautiful things and treats me like a princess, so I shall wait and let the universe do its thing. 🙂 <3

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