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Imran Khan took ISI and military chief to fulfill Trump – jj

Imran Khan took ISI and military chief to fulfill Trump


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After becoming the Prime Minister, Imran Khan has gone to the United States to meet US President Donald Trump for the first time.

This is the first meeting of any Pakistani leader with the American President in nearly four years.

It is believed that the army will play an important role in Imran Khan's visit to America as he will be accompanied by army chief Qamr Javed Bajwa and Head of ISI (Inter Services Intelligence Agency) Lieutenant General Faz Hameed.

What is the agenda of this three-day journey? Why did Imran take the army and the ISI chief with the US?

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Donald Trump

Would Imran Khan invite you to the White House, to send this message to the USA, Pakistan that if Pakistan changes its 'policies' in relation to extremism then its relations with the United States will improve.

The USA had stopped security assistance in Pakistan in January 2018 and so far there has been no change in this approach. Will this visit change the attitude of the United States?

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The biggest issue is

Former Pakistan High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal in Pakistan says that Pakistan has been repeatedly saying that he is not going to demand any money. It is being said that trade and investment will be among the major agenda. But the issue of peace in Afghanistan will be the most important issue.

He says, "This is the most important Taliban for America in this negotiation, which is fighting against the American military in Afghanistan, when Osama bin Laden was sitting there, he attacked in America, Pakistan has some influence on the Taliban. He wants Pakistan to cooperate with the United States on the issue of Taliban. "

Says Sabharwal: "A few days ago, cases related to money laundering and fundraising for extremists including Hafiz Saeed were registered. Saeed was also arrested, whose credits are taking on trump."

Describing Saeed as the so-called 'mastermind' of the Mumbai terror attack, Trump tweeted that he was arrested after looking for 10 years.

Hafeez's arrest was also added to the efforts of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan to improve relations with the United States before meeting Trump.

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Extremism Another important issue

In South Asia, along with Afghanistan, extremism is one of the main concerns of the Trump administration and it wants to take decisive action on the Taliban and Haqqani network operating in Afghanistan.

Sabharwal says, "The Trump Administration knows that no major decisions can be implemented in Pakistan without the support of the army, there is a kind of separation between the elected government and the army in Pakistan. That's different from both of them on different issues. "

Imran Khan will visit American Defense Minister Patrick M. Shannah, Joint Chief of Staff, General Mark Mile and several other senior officials during his visit.

During this conversation with Imran Khan, his army chief and head of the ISI will also be there. With Pakistan's military chief, Bajwa and ISI chief Hamid, the US will want them concrete assurance so that both the government and the army can be held accountable in the future.

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Lt Gen Faj Hameed, Head of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI (InterServices Intelligence Agency)

Army and ISI chiefa ?

Sarat Sabharwal, former High Commissioner of India in Pakistan, says there should be no surprises in the head of the army chief and the ISI chief going there.

Sabharwal says, "Imran Khan is very close to the army and it was also said that the army had an important role in his election, there was a lot of controversy in Pakistan too, where the real power is in the hands of the army." Nawaz Sharif He even tried to take power from them but Imran was not even trying this. "

The former high commissioner says, "When I was a High Commissioner in Pakistan, I used to see that the diplomatic government coming from America, along with the leadership of the army, used to meet, that was different in those days, the government said that with India Relations should be done better but the army was not in its right. But it seems that Imran Khan and the army's thinking are the same. "

Sabharwal says, "Under the American peace efforts, the army will play an important role in celebrating the Taliban, so it will be a matter of assurance to the United States that those who are making a real decision are on the table of talks here."

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Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa

At the same time, former Brigadier Arun Sehgal, who is associated with the Institute of National Security Studies, says that Pakistan wants to cure its relations with the United States. Speak to army and ISI chief Pentagon, National Security Council and CIA They will not want to reduce the role of Pakistan on the dialogue on the Taliban.

"America is very important for its economic and strategic tactics for Pakistan," he says, "the biggest issue in Afghanistan will be Afghanistan, Pakistan's army chief Javed Bajwa and ISI chief Faiz Hameed will play a key role."

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has also said, "There is no separation between the government and the army today. Both the government and the army are concentrating on the interests of the country."

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Fat Bone of Fattief Pakistan

The biggest problem for Pakistan is FATF.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international organization tracking financial irregularities, money laundering and financing financing to Pakistan, gave up to October that they should improve the campaigns which prevent funding of extremism.

Pakistan has not been able to complete one January and then one May target. Now there is pressure on him to complete his work plan by October, otherwise FATF will take the next step.

The policy making policy for tackling money laundering all over the world has added funding to extremism in its policies in 2001.

Former Brigadier Arun Sehgal, who is associated with the Institute of National Security Studies, says, "Pakistan is included in the Gray List of this institution and India wants Pakistan to be included in its blacklist."

Saigal says, "America wants to control Pakistan through this FATF, Pakistan knows that unless it is involved in FATF issue, it is difficult to get financial help. America has FATF as such a weapon that it is Pakistan Will definitely use it to surround. "

At the same time, Sabharwal says, "Pakistan will try to avoid fattafa's blacklist and get out of the gray list if possible."

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Balochistan Liberation Army

What happened in Pakistan?

Brig Arun Sehgal says that the United States has given the Lieutenant General, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) to the list of extremist organizations and a Lifeline to the Government of Pakistan, the army and the ISI.

Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province by area. But despite the abundance of natural resources like gas, coal and copper, it is the poorest province of Pakistan.

There is a lot of resentment in this matter in Balochistan and many organizations like Balochistan Liberation Army, Balochistan Liberation Front, United Bloch Army, Lashkar-e-Balochistan, Balochistan Liberation United Front are struggling to separate the region from Pakistan. Are.

Brigadier Arun Sehgal says, "Pakistan says that India is responsible for what is happening in Balochistan. They say that they are controlling the extremist activities that are happening here, but in spite of this the extremists are engaged in their activities. Has happened."

Sabharwal says, "There has been a change in the US attitude." America could have stopped the bailout package offered by the IMF but it did not stop it, a few days ago, the Balochistan Liberation Army has been included in the list of extremist organizations. Would want to change the American stand on FATF. "

Overall, this tour of Imran Khan is very important for Pakistan. Pakistan will try to bring the relations back on track. Something positive on Afghanistan The American attitude on FATF is soft.

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