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Is that this image behind the 'story of love-jihad'? Reality verify – jj

Is that this image behind the 'story of love-jihad'? Reality verify


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In a number of right-wing trendy Facebook groups, a picture of three girls is being shared with a highly misleading claim.

This picture is shared with Facebook and Twitter for more than 50 thousand times: It is being claimed that the girl who was fasting after referring to Ganga-Jamuni Tahasib a few days ago, her Muslim husband beat him . '

We found that while posting this photo on social media, people have used the '#Love_Jihad_Key_maza' hashtag and have written a long message together.

In a Facebook book named Namo Bhakta, this picture is written with "You will remember in Ramzan month that this story was well that Hindu daughters of Shivani and Riya gave an example of Hindu-Muslim unity, why did they give it, It was also said that the Shivani, who had kept her first, today, her religious husband beat her. Love-Jihad was religious, Shivani is now suffering, hopefully, soon after such a photo of Riya Do not be surprised. "

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The BBC's hundreds of readers have sent us this photo via Whatsapp, and want to know its truth

After investigating this picture, we have found all the claims being made on social media wrong.

In the investigation, we came to know that 'newspaper cutting' which is seen in the post, is the picture of India, whereas the picture below in the viral post is from Pakistan.

'Shivaani and Riya Ka Roza'

This news was published in the newspaper 'Dainik Bhaskar' published on 4 June 2019 from Madhya Pradesh.

According to the newspaper, this story is about Shajapur town falling in the Malwa division of Madhya Pradesh, where two girls of Hindu community presented a precedent of Hindu-Muslim unity by keeping the fast on the last day of Ramzan.

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Dainik Bhaskar

Some local TV channels also reported this report. Both of these girls can be heard saying that they had kept a ritual for peace of mind and for giving message of unity in both religions.

In these media reports, both girls were told to be 16 years old. In these reports, we did not get any mention of being married to any of the two girls.

But the victim whose victim is being told of one of Shivani's pictures does not match their face.

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True of second picture

The social media is claiming that this is a picture of a girl named Shivani who has become a victim of alleged love-jihad.

According to these claims, they had just prayed for Hindu-Muslim unity a few days ago and now their husbands have beaten them.

But this is completely false because the injured woman in the picture is Hajra BB, who lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

This picture of him became viral in Pakistan's social media in March 2019.

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Saba Alam, a Twitter user, wrote, "Another case of domestic violence in Lahore in Pakistan, the police has arrested a person who has abused his wife for demanding dowry and domestic violence. The viral video of how much blood is coming out from his mouth. "

Many other cases of domestic violence were also reported in March 2019 and they were discussed in Pakistan's social media. At that time, this photo of Hazara Bibi was also widely shared on social media.

According to the media reports of that time, Hazra Bibi told the police in Tahrir that her husband Umar Noorani and other in-laws have beaten them for dowry together.

On March 23, 2019, Lahore Police filed an FIR in this case. According to the police, this incident of domestic violence took place on 13 March 2019 with Hazra Bibi.

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