JKAUMA organizes many occasions to keep away from medicine from taking medicine. This particular drive launched within the Kashmir Valley to maintain youth away from habit.


Srinagar: More than 800 players from different districts of Jammu and Kashmir participated in the Indoor Stadium Complex in Srinagar. The purpose of these games is to keep the young people of the valley away from addiction. Sports organizers said that drug addiction is a major problem in the valley and we need to remove it as soon as possible. In the fight against addiction addiction can play an important role. The game produces discipline in children. The Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Unified Martial Arts has been pursuing its mission to get rid of the youth through the use of martial arts for redemption. This will not only improve their physical development but also the mental balance.

The general secretary of Shiraz Ahmad Academy says, "Our aim is to get children out of drunkenness and to awaken their parents and teachers, which is the addiction of drugs, it comes from elders, If you can recover the children, you will be able to recover them. After druging in people suffering from drug addiction, it becomes addictive again. It is our endeavor to awaken them as many people as possible. "

The addictive children are coming in the academy and efforts are being made to correct them. The academy is getting great response. The academy is making a conscious effort to run this awareness campaign in different districts so that youth can also get out of this swamp beyond Srinagar. For this seminar is being organized in various schools and colleges so that awareness of drug addiction in the students can be spread. This move of the government has been greatly appreciated by the youth and is taking it into account.

Ibrahim, a young player who participated in the academy, says, "This event is very good, the boys in Kashmir are going to the evil side and going towards the drugs. My boys are requested to come and share in the game jump Take it. "

Mohammed Abbas says, "Our aim is to protect the youth, we should be safe. Our efforts are that young people are involved in drugs, they should avoid it and become angered with the game."

A recent survey in Srinagar found that more than two-thirds of the intoxicants had started consuming substances at the age of 11-20. Another survey has claimed that the percentage of youth in the valley affected by drug abuse has increased by about 40 percent from five percent in 2008. In order to get rid of this rapidly growing disease in the valley, the government has kept several programs. Now by encouraging sports, the youth are trying to keep away from the bog. Srinagar district commissioner Shaheed Chaudhary says, "Sports Definitely Creatives are an engagement. We are promoting him for the Youth as well as against the drug smugglers."

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