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Kargil Vijay Diwas 20th Anniversary: ​​Learn about Sando Publish, Kargil Hill | 20 years of Kargil Vijay Diwas: The pilgrimage which you have to undoubtedly see – jj

Kargil Vijay Diwas 20th Anniversary: ​​Learn about Sando Publish, Kargil Hill | 20 years of Kargil Vijay Diwas: The pilgrimage which you have to undoubtedly see


Srinagar: In the 20-year series of Kargil victory, we are going to show you the reports of those places, where the war heroes of many heroes of the country, who have freed their enemy from the enemy's enemies on the basis of their indomitable courage and rhetoric in this war. . That's why we are repeatedly saying that these are the pilgrimages of modern India whose visions you must do. Although due to security reasons you will not be able to get permission from here so we decided that we will definitely make you see this pilgrim through Zee Media Camera.

In this series, Zee Media team is taking you today, on a post made at a height of about 14 thousand feet from the ground, through the Mashko valley of the Drass Sector, this stone, dangerous, mountainous route, through which the Zi Media team reached On the post of Indian Army, it is known as Sando Post. Talking to the Army soldiers on the Sendo Post, while looking at the white covered sheet of snow in front of Tiger Hill, on Tiger Hill … Tiger Hill, where you have heard many times. In media reports, on television, in movies. This is the same Tiger Hill, during which during the Kargil war of 1999, Pakistan foiled promise with India and fraudulently captured it.

According to the strategy of war, this post of Tiger Hill was a very important and very aggressive post because of the highest peak in the surrounding mountain peaks due to the enemy army, our entire Dras sector and National Highway 1 alpha are clearly visible from here. And the Pakistani army was constantly trying to harm us by attacking this point. His motive was to harm the resident of the Drass Sector and the Military establishment built here, and the challenge of the Indian army was that whenever he used to try to advance from the front to the top. The enemy at the peak was watching them and the firing started on them.

Indian Army wraps Tricolor on top of Tiger Hill
But the history of the world is a witness that when the Indian army also defeated it. Under a new strategy, the troops of the Indian army started advancing on Tiger Hill with an alternate way behind the night. Although the way to reach the enemy was much more difficult and covered with a thick layer of snow, but in front of the brave intentions of the Indian Army soldiers, these inaccessible paths also accepted defeat and finally the Indian Army on top of Tiger Hill After reaching the enemy, he wounded there and wandered his tricolor once again with pride.

Sando post

It was about eight and eight o'clock in the night, when the sun had set, the temperature here was minus three, i.e. when there is tremendous heat in the plains, then there is temperature at the time of minus three and what will happen in winter. It will not be difficult.

Puts for the whole 365 days of night patrol
The army says that there are around four to five feet of snow on the day and night of winter, but the night patrol continues for such a full 365 days. Like it is happening today. Indian army troops are starting their night patrol here in the evening and it runs petroling overnight, above these snow-covered hills but neither is the wrinkle on the faces of these men, and then we say Are. We are proud that these enemy soldiers of our Indian Army, because of their being on these posts, can not even dare to see the enemy coming here and lifting their eyes.

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