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Nationwide Blackout in Venezuela – LIVE COVERAGE – jj

Nationwide Blackout in Venezuela – LIVE COVERAGE

A nationwide blackout has hit Venezuela, with no signs of recovery after two hours. Get the latest details in our LIVE VENEZUELA BLACKOUT COVERAGE.

The power outage is similar to the nationwide blackouts that crippled Venezuela in March. Venezuelans are posting on social media about the blackout using the hashtags “ApagonNacional” (“national blackout”) and “SinLuz” (without light). In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the Venezuela blackout, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!

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  1. This is NOT from socialism, as many bozos claim. They have all kinds of oil, gold, and other valuable minerals. It's the ZioNazi Banksters who are shutting them down for not using Petro-Dollars to sell their oil. They can afford to finance everything, but not with Satanic Zionists looking to control the whole world.

  2. Sounds like a whole bunch of propaganda to try to pump up the "opposition" , because they FAILED in their COUP attempt, which makes me think that it IS sabotage. WE didn't get our puppet Guaido in place, so…This kind of coverage just makes Agenda-Free TV look like a tool for the U.S. Oil industry and Guaido. I'm only going by our HISTORY of trying to overthrow governments when we want control of their resources. Our history in ALL of Latin America has been DISGUSTING! I hope that Venezuela can hold out and retain control of their own country.

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