Oklahoma pediatric sufferers get assist combating sicknesses from four-legged mates


OKLAHOMA CITY – When you’ve had a rough day, a dog can often be just what you need to make you feel a little better.

Now, children who are getting treatment at an Oklahoma City hospital will soon have the chance to battle their illness with the love of a four-legged companion.

On Monday, the Joy in Childhood Foundation announced that it was expanding the ‘Dogs for Joy’ program at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine.

Organizers say the in-residence dogs are trained to do tasks like teach kids how to take a pill, keep a child calm during a medical intervention, and even provide incentives for a child to get out of bed for a walk.

Starting this month, the Joy in Childhood Foundation’s $2 million ‘Dogs for Joy’ grant program will provide a total of 11 service dogs to nine children’s hospitals across the country.


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