Mother or father Pepper Sprays Nurse at Decrease Hudson Valley Day Camp


You’d think summer camp would be a happy occasion? Well, one day camp at Spring Valley High school in Rockland County had a real sour start to the week, and it wasn’t the campers causing problems. According to NBC, it was a parent. 

A phone dispute between the unidentified parent and a nurse is what started it all, according to NBC. A spokesperson for East Ramapo Central School District told NBC that the parent showed up to the day camp, and was actually cleared to go to the nurse’s office. That’s where the pepper spray attack occurred.

Now the parent is on the run.

The nurse, who is an employee of the Town of Ramapo, was treated and released from a nearby hospital. No kids were hurt during the incident.

CBS reports that another person at the school was also sprayed though.

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