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Pistachio Harvesting & Processing – Small Is Lovely – jj

Pistachio Harvesting & Processing – Small Is Lovely

This video shows that small-to-medium scale mechanical harvesting and processing is feasible for pistachio growers and will give them the opportunity to produce top quality nuts and add value through processing and marketing their own products or providing regional service to others


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  1. No wonder they are so expensive. I now can appreciate its price more. Lol! "About 20 years is required to air dry 4 cubit meters of nuts. Weighting about 2 and a half tons" 4:17 WOW!!! Great video and thanks for the share. Cheers!

  2. i dont get it.. you ofthen do programs like these sowing nuts from diff parts of the world.
    for an example the biggest nuts is made in iran and the one with best quality is made in turkey,,why show italy,,i dont get it

  3. This pinstachios prices are like today you told me 200$s price and on next you told me 700$s for 1 pack.This is expensive i cant eat it , nearly i can eat 1 pistachios in 1 year because of toomuch expensive . Now listen you produce and you eat it. no one needed it.Better than go for banana which one gives you same vitamin proteins.

  4. 4:14 mi ritrovo perplesso per il senso di rotazione (orario); non vedo il componente a valle ma lo avrei immaginato rotante in senso anti-orario_____at this time segment I'm wondering why the augur is rotating clockwise rather than counter-clockwise

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