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Plug-In Hybrid characteristic on CalCars.org and Felix Kramer – jj

Plug-In Hybrid characteristic on CalCars.org and Felix Kramer


In our ongoing series featuring clean air vehicles, alternative energy and individuals and groups making a real difference for more efficient transportation, Hippy Gourmet TV is proud to interview Felix Kramer, Founder of CalCars.org.
Felix is the very first individual in the world to own a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and has dedicated his life to bringing these vehicles into mass production with car makers, working with other great organizations and through legislation as well.


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  1. unfair? man, after decades of exploting peoples wallet its time for them addapt or die!, imagine, oil prices will drop!, plastic cost will drop!, air ticket prices drosps, all transport cost drops, people will have more money for education, for health, for fun

  2. For 10 -12 grand that they do their conversions for its worth it. Especially if gas keeps climbing like it is… too bad the oil companies have thier hands in the car companies' pockets.. America is land of the free, and bought.

  3. w w w.edrivesystems(dot)com

    From that site it says the conversion cost $12,000.. Sadly the only people that could afford that are self centered assholes who would rather buy a stretch limo hummer that gets 5 mpg or something.

    Hope the price comes down by the time I finally buy a prius.

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