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The profit of up to 8.5% in these post office schemes can raise

Finding profits up to 8.5% in these 6 schemes of post office, know full details


Updated: October 7, 2018, 5:25 AM IST

In the country, the post office runs many types of savings schemes. At present, the Post Office is running about 8 types of savings schemes.. According to the information given on the post office website (, all these schemes are getting profits up to 8.5%. Let's learn about it …

These are post office schemes- Post Office Savings Plans (1) recurring deposit, (2) Fixed deposit, (3) Post Office Monthly Income Plan, (4) Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, (5) 15 year old Public Provident Fund Account, (6) National Savings Certificate, (7) Farmer Vikas Letter (KVP), and (8) Sukanya prosperity account is included. They get interest up to 8.5 percent.(Read also: Do ​​not waste your money! The 10-year sentence for running a non-legal deposit scheme)

(1) Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD): 10 rupees per month can be invested in the post office recurring deposit. This account receives an interest of 7.3 percent on the deposited amount. At the same time, there is a facility of removing 50 percent of the money after one year in this savings scheme. (Read also – if you also like Fixed Deposit (FD) then surely these 4 works)(2) Monthly Income Scheme (MIS): Anyone can open this account. This account receives an interest of 7.3 per cent on deposits. This account can also be transferred.

(3) Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP): The amount deposited in this account can be withdrawn after two and a half years, it earns an annual interest of 7.7 per cent. The amount invested in it doubles after 118 months (9 years and 10 months).Read also: Chanda Kochhar: The CEO of ICICI Bank was created from Trainee, now resigns due to this mistake!(4) 15 year old public provident fund (PPF): This account can be opened in 100 rupees. It gives the benefit of a tax rebate on investment of up to Rs 1 lakh in a financial year. It earns 8 per cent interest on deposits. Account holders have to deposit minimum 500 rupees and a maximum of 1.50 lakhs in this account throughout the financial year. The maturity period of the account is 15 years. You can also open a joint account in it.

(5) National Savings Certificate: The National Savings Certificates Scheme will get an interest of 8 per cent annually. NSC can get 100 rupees and above.

(6) Sukanya Prosperity Account: This account has to invest a minimum of Rs 250 and a maximum of Rs 1,50,000 during one financial year. This account can be opened within the next 10 years of the birth of the girl. This account receives an interest of 8.5 per cent. This account closes when the girl completes 21 years.

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