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Raunchy Robin Hood sells X-rated pics for charity – jj

Raunchy Robin Hood sells X-rated pics for charity


A big-hearted mom has raised a whopping $165,000 for charity by selling sexxx-rated selfies.

Fran Sawyer, 50, from Southampton, England, donates the money she makes through her naughty snapshots pictures to help support families with disabled children.

Now, her army of fans is calling her “Sexy Robin Hood”.

Fran Sawyer hard at work. INSTAGRAM

“I spent a lot of time at the hospital and I realized that there were so many kids that needed disability aids — so I created the cougar with a twist,” she told the Daily Star.

Sawyer sends her fans the saucy snaps in return for a donation to one of her chosen GoFundMe pages. Fans must send a screenshot of their donation before getting the photos.

But for the kindly cougar, her crusade is personal.

Her son’s brain tumour inspired Sawyer to help families whose children are ill. INSTAGRAM

Her son Alex, 15, was born with a brain tumour and needed a wheelchair. Sawyer found the cost shocking.

She also discovered that other parents with disabled children were in the same sorry boat.

Sawyer was determined to do something about it.

“I look at the different charity pleas on Go Fund Me and I just take the link for a person’s page and put it on my social media,” she told the Daily Star. “I tell my fans to put money into that person’s funding.”

Fran Sawyer at work. INSTAGRAM

Some fans have even bought locks of her flaxen hair when she shaved it off for charity.

Sawyer does not take a penny for herself, adding that her reward is “seeing people happy” after she has helped them.

“One man who needed a special wheelchair to play rugby tried to thank me three months after he got it,” she concluded. “I just reply, ‘I use what Mother Nature gave me.’”


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