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Substitute Your Mortgage … EXPOSED – jj

Substitute Your Mortgage … EXPOSED

Find out how much you could save … Book a FREE DEMO go to …


If you think you have to Replace Your Mortgage then … think again !!

– Replacing Your Mortgage is an UNSAFE Mortgage Acceleration Method because you will expose your entire mortgage to the variable interest rate

– Replace Your Mortgage is NOT THE ORIGINAL System

– Replace Your Mortgage has NOT BEEN INDEPENDENTLY APPROVED by Financial Experts

– Replace Your Mortgage DOES NOT include self management software

– Replace Your Mortgage is EXTREMELY COSTLY …

If you’re serious about Owning Your Home Years Sooner then use the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System instead …

It is created by Harj Gill, the inventor of the Mortgage Acceleration concept from Australia, as featured on NBC’s “Saving You Money”.


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  1. I turned my loan to a full heloc and was able to put solar on my house.at sou d credit union the heloc was free.it saved me alot compared to refinancing. If you can keep your loan it is safer to keep your mortgage and do the 2nd mortgage heloc.useing a heloc and credit cards to save money does work.you just have to be a person that can manage your money.i had to figure this stuff out myself.i would of had paid off half my loan or more of only I would of learn how to do this stuff sooner.you need to find out the margin,that's how much the banks charge you over the prime rate.mine is zero.its at prime rate.i had to educate people at the bank since banks are greasy and dont teach people much about it.

  2. Harj Gill , is the real deal and will spend quality time with you with out high pressure sales, he truly does care about you and wants to see you out of debt! The info on his pages may be older, however the the message and info stays the same, much like your debt, unless you do something about it. By the way I Do Not and Will Not be compensated for sharing this with you, just like to share honest people and products to help others out! Ask yourself, What If?

  3. It seems to me following this plan, or any other velocity type of plan, places ALL of your financial eggs in one basket! That is, money you would otherwise place in savings or invest is now transferred (invested) in your home’s equity! Depending on what your particular housing market is doing could be very risky! If house values depreciate, you are losing equity!

  4. A HELOC is a BS product. What it does, it will enslave you more because it will free up your equity and you can be tempted to use the HELOC equity for other things. You will just have another loan to pay off…so basically more obligations every month. You can just make double payments on your 30 year mortgage and save 20.5 years.You mortgage will be paid off in about 9.5 years. Just keep it simple.

  5. This was introduced to me as the velocity banking strategy , but it looks to be the same concept. What I can't seem to come across is anyone showing how to choose the proper HELOC as they're not all created equal. I haven't come across any heloc that work the way I see in the many examples used on YT.

  6. What if you already have a HELOC? I have a HELOC for 50k,,,, and outstanding balance of 45K should i zero the balance out or can i dive right in…… and as far as paying bills, can you pay you first mortgage with a credit card??

  7. Great presentation, im about to be a new homeowner and my question is since im in the USA (Texas). Which banks would allow me to take a HELOC as low as 10k, doing research and im just finding banks minimal is 20-25k.

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