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SBI opens just for 500 rupees, these particular accounts get extra curiosity than FD, two benefits- The way to open PPF Account in SBI know course of in Hindi – jj

SBI opens just for 500 rupees, these particular accounts get extra curiosity than FD, two benefits- The way to open PPF Account in SBI know course of in Hindi


SBI opens only for 500 rupees, this special account meets two advantages with more interest than FD

State Bank of India (SBI), the most credible bank in the country, is going to do many big things over the next few months. If you also have an account in SBI, then reading this news is very important to you. The fact is that in the next 2 months, SBI is going to shut down its 4 banking services. The bank has already issued notification regarding closure of these services. Let us tell you what services they are that SBI is going to close.


Updated: October 26, 2018, 5:23 AM IST

Government Bank SBI has always been taking steps to provide better services to its customers. The same link opens a special kind of account. It gives more interest than normal accounts. Also, tax exemption is obtained. Customers can take advantage of the compound by opening an account in it. Let's learn about it …

Under this facility of SBI, you can open a PPF account with the bank. You can open it with a minimum deposit of just Rs 500. You will get 8 percent interest on this. (Read also: SBI Customer Note: Now deposit such a home, this form linked to FD, also changed the rule of the branch)

What happens is the PPF-Public provident fund is actually a government scheme. One of the small savings schemes, in this scheme you can open an account with the bank along with the post office. But often you have to go to the branch to open it. However, now a few other banks including SBI have given you the facility to open it online. (Read also: SBI is opening this bank account for special people! Learn about everything …)

Things to keep in mind- When you open a PPF account, it is opened for 15 years. You can defend it before maturity. But this can be done only in certain circumstances. In this account, you can deposit more than 1.5 lakhs in a year. Secondly, keep in mind that only one PPF account can be opened in the name of a person. (Read also – SBI account holders be careful, save money from thieves)Meet these benefits-You get many benefits with the Public Provident Fund (PPF). First of all, you can open it in just Rs 500. You get 8 percent interest on this. Apart from this, you get Triple Tax Benefit on any money you put into it. This means that the amount you deposit in it is tax exemption. You also do not have to pay any kind of tax on the amount you get on maturity and the interest you get.

How to open Account-You need to have SBI NetBanking in order to open this account with the State Bank of India. Through this, your PPF account will open and it will be linked to that branch in which your account is. The entire process of opening PPF account is not online. You can start the process of opening it online. Through this you will be able to fill the form. After this, you will have to fill the form and go to the branch about Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents. After this, the process of opening the account will be completed here.

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