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Scorpio♏ General love readings provide spiritual insight and messages from the universe, to help you gain clarity on what you are currently experiencing or …



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  1. 15:50 ?????? freaking old scorpio still showing up threw out the reading it's hard watching scorpios readings when you dealing with a old one and a new one well I'm technically not dealing with anything old just focus on what's new. The title makes since the ending of something old and the beginning of something new how i see it but old energy still lingers ?? most likely cause i didn't end things properly with the old scropio i just left without saying goodbye. I did say i was trying to fall back so technically that counts i think ??

  2. Blessings empress another on point read… ?? thank you I appreciate you ? and I’m so over this situation I’m content and happy where I am right

    Now connecting with a beautiful blessed soul I met at pride. ? it’s defiantly made me see things diffrent. Thank you beautiful queen? ??✨

  3. I'm carrying nothing. Just some burning emptiness in my chest, nothing in my arms and so much in my head. I need to on and I don't know how to, I just work on myself trying to improve myself and trying to improve the situation

  4. ☝️In the beginning was the end?It's sad to see what the world could be? everyone is dreaming? disconnect from that dream and wake up?to see???what I can see what the world could be?so beautiful to be one & end this insanity?so we can have a humanity?instead of this calamity in this Society full of tragedy pardon my profanity f#€k?fame & it's vanity's?????⛴? forgive my vulgarity I only come here to give you clarity this was my little charity to life!

  5. I actually reached out tonite… Just spoke my soul out… I know he ll get it… As he is a spiritual being too… I am hoping but yeah I have my anxieties as am waiting for this forever… Things are not done between us and I wanted to make an honest effort… I really don't know where it ll take me… But I am at peace as I said what I had to… Need blessings from the higher power

  6. I would say it's the beginning of the end. I've moved on because it's pointless, I'm stuck wondering if but my soul knows it's just wishful thinking. So all good, good luck & goodbye. If donkeys begin flying I'll reconsider.

  7. Cross watching the reading from Spain , just got here today, and I just started posting videos of my travels here , yesterday I posted as well beautiful videos about the Moon that I filmed before leaving Istanbul, and I commented on the Taurus and Aries readings on your channel as I always do with pleasure, I was getting ready to board the flight and that's why the comments were short , always pleased to visit your channel, and I am waiting on the Taurus reading ? thanks so much for your time and dedication and for your expertise
    I just pressed now the like on the pinned comment that you posted in regards to the vimeo ,

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