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Solar energy startup earns 20 crores, giving corporations to corporations like TATA – Begin Up Story of Kaho Subhag Jain Know in Hindi – jj

Solar energy startup earns 20 crores, giving corporations to corporations like TATA – Begin Up Story of Kaho Subhag Jain Know in Hindi


Where power is seen as a very common and basic feature in most major cities of IndiaThere are still some areas where electricity is a luxury. Jaffer decides to understand this problem of such small and remote places and solve the solution. With regard to this idea,Say'Of the beginning. Their company has now reached its reach in Chhattisgarh, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, North East and Rajasthan. Through this, the company has earned Rs 20 crore. (Read also: Three friends' coffee business hit in just 2 years, earn millions)

What does the company- 'Say' Startup focuses on Maoists or Naxal areas to deliver electricity where grid electricity is not statically present. For this, it creates products such as startup off grid or stand alone solar lights, inverters and TVs. To make these, the company lithium-ion battery also manufactures itself in its Noida plant. With this setup, the battery saves solar power and it can be used when needed.

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How does the company- 'Say'Startup works on B2B business model. The company is currently working only through tender on government projects. 'Say' Under the good fortune of the government and Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana, so far, nearly 50,000 people have been provided access to electricity. Starting in 2012, this startup has earned Rs 20 crores. 'Say' So far, the company has invested 1-1.5 million in the manufacturing unit. Most of this investment is used to make batteries.Read also – The start-up hiatus of pundit rent, husband and wife earn billions through this

Plan to raise money for expansion- Like every startup, 'Say' Also turned to banks for funding, but due to lack of collateral they had to face trouble. Due to this, the company had to slow down its growth. To overcome this problem of capital raising, the company is now approaching Venture Capitalists and work on equity funding is also being done.

Read also: By selling food like home, these two boys earn 1.5 crore in 1.5 yearsTATA is giving companies like Tata The company is doubling revenues every year, while aiming to quadruple it in the coming years with a capacity of 1 gigawatts. For this, the company is also preparing to work with Indian Railways. In this sector of solar electrification, Tata Power has been working as a large player, while rising startups in Renewable Energy and startups like Means, 8 Minutes and Energy are also seen in the industry. Increasing confidence of government's clean energy is increasing the confidence of the industry.

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