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Trump affords on Kashmir: Imran is shocked by India's response – jj

Trump affords on Kashmir: Imran is shocked by India's response


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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed surprise over the manner in which India has denounced US President Donald Trump's arbitration on Kashmir issue.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted, "I am surprised by India's response to the offer of mediation between India and Pakistan on the solution of the US President Trump's Kashmir dispute."

"This dispute has surrounded the Indian subcontinent for 70 years, many generations of Kashmir have been affected and their everyday life is affecting. They want a solution to the problem."

Earlier, there was a lot of reaction in India on Trump's statement. Opposition Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi has tweeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clarify the situation.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, "President Trump said that PM Modi has asked them to mediate between Kashmir and Kashmir between India and Pakistan."

Rahul asked questions

"If this is true, then PM Modi has betrayed both the interests of India and the Shimla Agreement of 1972. The weak Foreign Ministry has denied, but the Prime Minister should come to the country and tell him what happened between him and the Trump was."

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After meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in a joint press conference, when US President Donald Trump was asked if he would like to mediate in Kashmir, he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also asked him to mediate on this issue .

But India has dismissed Trump's statement that Modi had asked him to mediate.

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India's Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said in the Rajya Sabha on behalf of the government, "I want to assure the House that no such request has been made by India."

However, no statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come out so far on this issue.

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