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Verdict in amrapali case on 23rd july | Who will full Amrapali's incomplete venture, SC will determine immediately – jj

Verdict in amrapali case on 23rd july | Who will full Amrapali's incomplete venture, SC will determine immediately


new Delhi : If you or any of your acquaintances have bookmaker Amrapali Builder, then read this news essentially. On behalf of the Supreme Court, it will be decided on Tuesday that who will complete Amrapali's unfinished project. The decision on the matter was reserved on May 10 by the Supreme Court. Thousands of buyers of Amrapali are expecting relief from the court decision. On behalf of the apex court, it will be decided that who will complete the halted project and in how much time it will be completed.

Decision to come in the interest of 49 thousand buyers
During the hearing last week, the Supreme Court had said that the Amrapali Group will now be out of the project and who will be given the job, the court will decide on this. It is a complete hope that the court will decide the interest of 49 thousand buyers and cancel the lien of Amrapali, and a road map will be prepared in this regard, from where the money will be arranged to complete the work.

Court reserves judgment on May 10
Earlier, on May 10, the Supreme Court had directed the Greater Noida and Noida Authority to state that keeping the verdict safeguard you should tell that in 2009, 10 percent of the payment was made after the allocation of land, after which the builder has fulfilled the conditions of allocation If you did not, why did not you cancel it? At the same time the court also said that you tell me how to complete the project. On behalf of the Authority it was said that they do not have much budget to prepare these flats.

You will not leave the powerful people standing behind you
Refuting the Amrapali Group, the court said that you betrayed people to the height of the sky. You betrayed the buyers, the bank, and the authority all three. The court said in a tone that we will not leave anyone who is powerful behind you. Authorities and bankers also worked to break the faith of the people, which caused buyers to get bothered. You can tell that thousands of buyers of Amrapali have not been able to get the flat even after about 10 years of payment.

Troubled buyers took refuge in the court. After this, the Supreme Court took a strict stance to order the property of the director of Amrapali to be quarantined. At present, Amrapali's CMD is locked in another jail.

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