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Verity Lambert – in her personal phrases… – jj

Verity Lambert – in her personal phrases…

Verity Lambert (1935 – 2007) was a trail-blazing and award-winning British TV and film producer. This selection of interview clips is taken from three sets of …



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  1. Verity Lambert and Jodie Whittaker would have made a successful team if they could have worked together on Doctor Who. Thank you forever, Verity, for helping to make Doctor Who for the kid in all of us. The world would indeed be a much better place if more women ran it. Doctor Who’s Frontier In Space gave fans a female President of Earth in the future who said “I will NOT be responsible for starting a war!” Amen.

  2. I propose a National Holiday for Verity Lambert.
    and sainthood.
    and more honorary doctorates. honorary doctorates from all the universities.
    and a scholarship for girls interested in television production and or creative writing and or science.
    I propose that the BAFTAs establish the Verity Lambert Award for Excellence in Television Production.

  3. Thanks a lot Kevin. Hope you are well. Dunno if you remember me, I'm Steve Cambden's friend, we used to hang out with you at various meets and conventions in the 70's, in the glorious days of fandom's early years :) 

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