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What did Pak Media say about US mediator in Kashmir? – jj

What did Pak Media say about US mediator in Kashmir?


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After meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in a joint press conference, when US President Donald Trump was asked if he would like to mediate in Kashmir, he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also asked him to mediate on this issue .

But India has dismissed Trump's statement that Modi had asked him to mediate.

India's Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said in the Rajya Sabha on behalf of the government, "I want to assure the House that no such request has been made by India."

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Trump proposes mediation on Kashmir

This news was taken by the media in Pakistan's hands. It was also written in the Pakistan media that the United States has made a change in its long standing tradition in which it believes that it is a bilateral issue. Let's see what the newspapers have written on it.

Don wrote, "On the request of Modi, Trump proposes mediation on Kashmir."

Don writes, "During the meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, US President Donald Trump offered mediation between Indo-Pak on Kashmir issue. After the meeting, Trump said in a joint press conference of both the leaders that if I am in this case If you can help, I would be happy to be an arbitrator. "

At the same time, he also writes that India's Foreign Ministry immediately issued a statement and denied it.

The newspaper wrote, "The spokesman, Ravish Kumar tweeted," It has been a continuous trend of India that only bilateral talks will be held on all issues and any such dialogue with Pakistan will have to end cross-border terrorism activities. '. "

In his interview on the ARY News, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan said that in the conversation with Imran Khan, Donald Trump has the same interest in Kashmir that you can feel from the reaction coming in the Indian media.

Bilateral issue

The newspaper, The Express Tribune, wrote that the US President has offered a mediation on the issue of Kashmir, and has made a change in his long standing tradition in which he believes that this is a bilateral issue.

The Daily Times wrote, "During the meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, US President Donald Trump offered for the first time the mediation between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue."

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The Nation wrote that "In a joint press conference with Washington Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington, Trump said – I was with Narendra Modi two weeks ago … he actually asked me if you would like to be an arbitrator? I asked where They said, Kashmir. "

The newspaper writes that during this, Trump also said, "I have heard a lot about Kashmir, this is a beautiful place."

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Business Recorder wrote, "India has denied that Modi has asked Trump to mediate."

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In his report, the business recorder made a statement tweeted by Ravish Kumar, in which he termed Kashmir as India's official, while Raviish Kumar wrote him Kashmir in his tweet.

Imran raises crowds over Modi

With the Kashmir issue, the Daily Times gave place to the crowds in Imran Khan's meeting on their first page.

The newspaper writes, "Imran Khan left Modi's record behind attracting huge crowds in America."

The newspaper writes that, "Imran Khan and Modi both addressed the immigrants in America, while 20,000 people were present during Modi's speech in Madison Square, while there were 30 thousand people present during the speeches of Imran Khan. How many people will be there when Modi will go to America again and address the Indian people there next month. "

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Pakistan reprimands even in newspapers

Pak Observer printed the news of the mediatory headlines on Kashmir as well as all the other newspapers, while on the issue of Afghanistan in his story, he also gave prominence to Imran's rebuke from President Trump.

Observer wrote, "I do not think that Pakistan respects the United Nations, I do not even think that Pakistan respects the American President. I think Pakistan could do a lot on the issue of Afghanistan, but they did so did not do."

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What did the US State Department say?

However, after this statement of President Trump, the US State Department cleared it through a tweet that it is a bilateral issue between the two countries. In this tweet he wrote that he is ready to cooperate on this issue.

The US State Department tweeted, "Kashmir is a bilateral issue between the two countries, the Trump Administration is ready to cooperate with Pakistan and India on this issue."

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