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What’s the Market? Pointers, Course of, Consigning Ideas… – jj

What’s the Market? Pointers, Course of, Consigning Ideas…

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JoAnn Hohl
Junk Journal Treasures
YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4AMw4z67_5U6yOw4S6GaBw
Shop: https://www.nevermorecreations17.com/shop/26606513/joanns-journal-treasures

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Ellsie Bels Book Shelf
(Fun digitals and journal supplies – and if you haven’t ordered a journal from her…do!)

Magnolia Seed
(Divine boho beads & journal supplies)

Looking for a good place to get glassine bags, library cards, tags, etc… Check out
Use coupon code ZENOR10 for 10% your order.

Green Apple Gifts (lovingly handmade and curated gifts for yourself or others ♡)

For Journal Treasures from India visit Pramita’s links:
Instagram: @blue_grass_journals
Etsy: https://etsy.me/2ViXpCQ

For scrumptious textile boho bundles visit Sheila’s links:
Facebook group: bohodaydreams

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  1. Lindsey, you are so inspiring. You are as beautiful outside as you are inside. You have a big heart, to help people with their passion for journal making, me included, and I thank you. God bless and continued success.

  2. How wonderful to see you and not just your hands!! As you know, I have bought several things from you and I love the Marketplace, and I think it was a great idea! I look forward to new items in the Marketplace and check daily to see if you have uploaded! Keep up the good work and thanks for the tips!! I love seeing junk journals and I have several of many different types, and I love them all. It's very enjoyable journaling in them and adding different things.

  3. Thank you so much. Love your inspiration. Love your kids such a great mother. I worked at Jo Ann s for 12 years. Gathered fabric and scrapbook paper. It is terrible that I have so much. But after my husband died and I could not work any more. Saw journal videos . but knew I would never have etsy store or do videos. Then I saw yours where you sell them for us. Then mind really sold. Thank you so much. I love making them. Now the evenings are not so lonely.

  4. What do you do if you get journals that are really bad, sell low, or do you ever return them to the maker because they’re not up to your standards? I’m still working on my very first journal, and I am a little bit afraid to send it to you but of course it’s not done yet so we’ll see.

  5. I pictured you looking different than your voice sounding. Lol. Thank you for doing this video and selling journals. (Did you say alligator journals are not really well made because over stuffed?) I really need to get some journals sent to you.

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