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What’s the homicide of a witch, on the behest of Ojha? : Floor Report – jj

What’s the homicide of a witch, on the behest of Ojha? : Floor Report


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Anand Dutta / BBC

Four people have been assassinated in the Sisarkari village of Jharkhand's Gumla district for allegations of witch-bishahi. The deceased included Sunna Uraon (60), Chapa Uraon (69), his wife Pira Urien (60) and Fagani Urien (60).

The incident is three o'clock in the morning. After initial investigation, the police arrested eight people of the village.

The arrested persons include the village's chief (chief priest) Sukra Uraon, Pujar (assistant priest) Tula Uran, Kunduru Uraon, Lalu Uraon, Ram Uraon, Shuku Uraon, Mahavir Uraon and Jhashi Uraon.

Gumla's SP Anjani Kumar Jha said that the matter is completely superstition. The FIR has been registered against the arrested persons under section 147 (conviction of fugitive) -148 (assault with deadly weapon) -149 (mob violence) -302 (murder) and witch-hunting protests Act-2001.

Fir will be registered against some unknown people

He also informed that the people of Sisarkari village had gone before the Ojhaan (Female Ojha) in the second village (the rooster), the police is also presenting it there. They will be arrested after the investigation.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

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Speaker Dinesh Uraon talking to villagers on the day of the incident

Witch wounds due to illness

Sanskari village of Nagar Panchayat, 94 kilometers away from Ranchi district headquarters, has been spread all over. After the murder, the police was guarded in the place where the corpse was kept.

On Monday 22nd July, the village headman, Mr Damodar Singh, the husband of the village head, Marwadi Uraon (45), Deputy Head of Rukmani Devi, received some other government workers. He said that there are 94 houses in the village. In which 90 houses belong to Uraon tribe, three from Lohra tribe and one from Nagaia tribe.

He also informed that according to the data collected under the CM Agriculture blessings scheme on June 31, there are six acres of land near the deceased Chapa Uraon, and there are four acres of land near Oraon. While the fable Urien's rayat papar was not found, due to which he did not know how much land he had.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

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Goddess of the deceased Goddess Fagani Devi

Under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, only four houses have been built in the village. There is no toilet in any house.

According to information received from the villagers, the youth of the village, Bolo Uraon and the wife of the government teacher Naruya Uraon died due to illness a month ago. At the same time, a year ago, Gaura Oraon's wife died due to many diseases.

Bolo Uraon was addicted to alcohol. He was already ill already. Naruya Uraon's wife had kidney related illness.

Marwari Uraon told that the dead heard Uraon, Chapa Uraon and Piri Devi worshiped after reading Mantra every morning at four o'clock. The next moment he also told that this mantra used to be a song of Karma song (Adivasi festival), Sarna Mai in Nagpuri language. On special occasions, other villagers also sang at the time of Sarna Puja.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

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Security forces stationed in the village

Allegations were leveled in the Gram Sabha

About the event, he told that a meeting was held on July 17 in the village. In which he was also present along with more than 200 villagers. It was a matter of fact that someone has seen a bad look on the village. It was decided that on the seventh day of Savan month i.e. on July 24, the goddess of the village will be sacrificed a goat

After this, some village nearby Village near Chadri Toli, Ojha Jitu came to Uran. He said that the condition of the village is serious. They can not handle them. Show a big exorcist

Another villager Thumar Devi told that after the advice of Jatu Uraon, on Friday, more than 50 villagers reached an ojha of chicken village in old age village Ranchi. At the same time, Tithra Devi said that among the villagers, there were also three fugitives in addition to a fungi goddess in the dead along with them. Not only did Chapa Uraon and Peer-Devi's multi-sons were included.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

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Kin of deceased son of Uroon

Murder killed at the behest of Ojha village

According to another rural Lali Devi, a woman Ojha (whose name was not told by any villager) in the chicken village, without asking for any name, said that there is a tree of dried peepal in front of someone's house, that is destroying the village. . For the last month and the previous death in the village, these people were held responsible.

The local journalist of the old age, Ranganath, says that earlier in the surrounding areas there have been murders against the witch. The name of Ojja of chicken village is also coming out in it.

On the other hand, Ajay Kumar Jaiswal, secretary, NGO, Asha, who has been working for the last 30 years, said that they had done surveys in 332 panchayats in eight districts of Jharkhand in 2015. In this 76 ozas were marked.

According to them, these were marked by women who were being called witch. The number of such women was 256. All of these were from Saraikela, Bokaro, Ranchi, Khagati, Gumla and Loharda districts of Jharkhand.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

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The village of siccar

The village has a sink

In the village of Sisakari, the multi-Budan Devi (32) of the deceased fagan goddess was making rice and greens for the guests who came to the rescue. During the conversation, he told that his mother-in-law had never had any quarrel with anyone before. He used to worship, but not every day. He also worshiped Goddess of the village and Sarna Mai (the goddess of tribals).

He also told that even after the incident night (Saturday night) so much attack, his eyes do not open. Husband had slept like a couple of days after sleeping, he did not even get the chance. In the morning, it was found that his mother-in-law was beaten to death by the villagers.

Buddha Devi has four sons. Nobody goes to school. Husbands cultivate farming. Six months of the year, they go to Hazaribagh to work in a brick kiln.

Two hundred steps away from his house is the home of the other dead heard Urayana. Her daughter was present in the house with diamond urine and some of her other relatives. After the diamond incident, his in-laws came here from Lohardaga. On being asked, she said that the mother Sunya Urine and brother Sanika have been taken to the police station.

There was no one in the house of Chapa Uraon and Piri Devi. All the policemen present at the scene said that they were taken to Sisai police station. Sisai police station in-charge Sub Inspector Sudhir Prasad Sahu said that after watching the security of the families, they have been called to the police station.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

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Fagni Devi's son Bindu Uram

The daughter-in-law said her mother-in-law was the witch

When the Sisai police station reached, all the family members were sitting in the outbound room. Chapa Uraon and Pari Devi's daughter-in-law, Parba Devi (25) told that she had also gone to the lady Bhagat in the chicken village. There, he removed the rice from his spatula. After seeing the woman Ojha said that there is someone in your house who is disturbing the village.

Parabah clearly said that she had her father-in-law witch. Because of them, their child is also sick. Although he is sad that the villagers have killed him together. Her husband Feku Oraon (28) also agreed with her.

At the same time, Uraon's wife Suni Urien (55) told that after the night when her husband was evacuating people from the house, he came forward to save them. During this time people also stoned their hands on their hands. She shows her hand with a blunt hand and says, save son, even kill him. He ran away from fear.

Sonika Uraon (24), standing near, told that the education of the graduation remains incomplete now and she is now a Mengrera laborer and cultivates it. He also told that the money collected from the women's group was given to the people (Rs. 5300 / -) for the sale of all the coins from Sisakhi.

On reaching the chicken village, when the locals came to know about the Ojhos, then any villagers refused to tell about him.

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BBC / Anand Dutta

Image caption

Female Rural Thumar Devi

Continuation of murder in the name of witch

According to the National Crime Record Bureau quoted in the Hindustan Times, 523 women were killed in Jharkhand on charges of witching. All these murders took place from 2001 to 2016. There is no data related to this related to Jharkhand Police's website.

According to the Witch Conspiracy Prohibition Act, 2001, in such cases a maximum penalty of six months and two thousand rupees is imposed. Asha NGO Secretary Ajay Kumar Jaiswal points out that it is such a weak law that the arrested Ojha immediately comes out.

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