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When Neil Armstrong's beats on the Moon bought sooner – jj

When Neil Armstrong's beats on the Moon bought sooner


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Neil Armstrong

50 years of human life on the moon have been completed. Many countries including India are preparing to send new missions to the moon.

So on the 50th anniversary of NASA's mission to the Moon, his memories are being refreshed around the world.

NASA had prepared the Apollo named Yan to reach the moon.

Its first flight took place on October 11, 1968, under the Apollo 7 mission, which was sent to the Earth's orbit.

After the death of all travelers of Apollo 1 mission, it was completely redesigned. A lot was dependent on Apollo 7.

If this mission was unsuccessful, then Neil Armstrong could never keep his small steps on the moon.

Mercury and Gemini Mission

There was no possibility of it at least for the next decade.

While US President John F. Kennedy set the same time for the mission to reach NASA's moon in 1961.

Commander of the Apollo 7 mission was NASA's most astute astronaut, Valley Shiara. He had gone into space under the Mercury and Gemini mission.

There was also Don Icel and Walt Cunningham, who went into space for the first time with them within Apollo's capsule.

People believed that this would be the first group of astronauts trying to land on the moon.

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Profound impact on the mission

However, within a few hours of the launch of Apollo 7, the valley vein became frozen. It had a very profound impact on the whole mission.

Walt Cunningham, recalling the incident of 50 years ago, says, "Wally had to clean up his nose again and after that he had to find a place to keep tissue paper. And Don told them that you can not use all the tissue papers. "

"The tissue paper used in the entire capsule was strained, due to the illness, the Valley veins were tired and they were irritated at the point of view, and this was affecting their communication from NASA's control room. . "

Jerry Griffin, who is the flight director at Mission Control at that time, said, "It was a very interesting activity." The relation between the three astronauts in Apollo became interesting. "

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The mission was fully successful …

Valley vein was repeatedly debating the control room. They were refusing to obey their instructions.

And once he told Deck Slayton, his boss and companion astronaut, "Get Fuck."

Griffin says that I did not understand the reason for this till now. I was in shock with the behavior of valley vein.

After 11 days in space, the Valley and their two returned to Earth. The mission was completely successful.

Meanwhile, the Valley used the entire tissue paper present in the yarn and all the medicines to open the closed nose were also eaten.

Their behavior was also combined with peers and those three could never go to space again.

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Astronauts health

During any space mission, all the data related to astronauts' health is gathered.

Then there is a burning sensation, whether it is fever or a fever, or for a long time to wear a urine collecting machine.

During the Apollo 15 mission an astronaut's heartbeat became abnormal Doctors believed that this was due to the lack of potassium.

Therefore, the number of fruits such as orange, seasonal and lemon were kept for Apollo 16 mission travelers. While one shoulder was pulled.

Apollo 13 astronauts got dehydration due to lack of water. After which they started to become very gas.

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Citrus fruits

When Apollo 16 astronaut John Young was walking on the moon, he made an interesting discussion on the diet of space with his fellow Charlie Duke.

But, in error, both of them talked to the mission control and the rest of the world heard him too.

Young said that the gas is causing him much trouble. Do not know what is being mixed in the food. Acid is very fast.

Young further said that he would have not eat enough citrus fruits in the last twenty years, as much as eating during this mission.

If a passenger gets enough gas in a small closed capsule, it becomes a serious problem.

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Neil Armstrong

At the same time, a passenger from the Apollo 10 mission was even more fierce. After defecation he failed to seal it properly.

After this, the ruckus in the space capsule was wrecked. Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong, who reached the moon, was also very common under pressure.

During his mission, his heart beat was normal.

On 20 July 1969, when he separated from the command module and landed on the moon with the lunar module, then even the heartbeat of heartstrong was quite normal.

But, when the warning alarm of the computer began to sound, the heartbeat of Neil's heart began to grow.

Neil's heartbeat became very fast while landing his spacecraft on the moon.

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In difficult circumstances …

But, as soon as he landed on the moon's surface and two minutes after Mission Control asked him to stay there, Neil's heartbeat became normal again.

In addition to the heartbeats of Apollo 15 passengers, the heart of astronauts had raised such a problem in addition to the heartbeat of NASA's Gemini 9 mission.

On the last day of the mission, Gene Cernon had to do some work of repair while swimming in space. While doing so, the joints of genes began to crumble.

Every time that he tried, it happened. They got disturbed. Mission control was also not understood by anything.

However, in very difficult circumstances, Jean could finally complete the repair work. After this, he breathed deeply into the capsule.

Trouble with radiation

Fellow astronaut Tom Stafford sprayed water on them with water pipes.

America's first Satellite Explorer 1 discovered the field of radiation in the orbit of the Earth. They are known by the name of van Allen belts.

It was a great risk to reach the moon even while passing through or surviving.

In 1966, the Soviet Union sent two dogs into space, which passed through van Allen Belts. But, they did not do any harm. Neither radiation disturbed them.

Yet NASA's doctors were worried about the effect of this radiation on humans.

That is why the first mission that went out of the Earth's orbit, when Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman fell ill, the first doubt was on Van Allen Belts.

Weightlessness in space

Frank was getting vomiting. Today we know that he was getting 'space sickness'. This happens due to weightlessness in space.

Because people do not feel their weight due to lack of gravity.

When the Apollo 11 passenger returned to the earth after returning from the moon, their hands were not welcomed together. He was surrounded with his capsule in the Pacific Ocean.

The recovery team pulled the capsule and put it on a ship.

Then the three astronauts were given to wear a safety suit so that the rest of the earth could be saved from any type of infection in space.

When, in the end, all three astronauts came in front of the world, even then they were in the same suit and their faces were hidden.

Space capsule

After this, he was taken from the helicopter to the US aircraft carrier USS Hornet, where he had to stay in a special room until the investigation.

It was named the Mobile Quarantine Facility. So that any possible infestation caused by them on the moon could prevent them from spreading on the earth.

Inside the three astronauts were constantly under surveillance. The rocks that they brought from the moon were also kept different in the same way. Now that capsule is kept in a museum.

Just imagine, three people in the capsule going on the space of life were battling each other for several days.

In such a situation, when he is living in this closed room, he will feel like the Taj Mahal. They had their own beds There were separate toilets and they were getting good food.

During this time, three astronauts also got the chance to prepare their report. After this, he had gone out on the whole world as the most famous people.

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