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Why I by no means received married: Oprah confesses – jj

Why I by no means received married: Oprah confesses

Talk show queen and media mogul Oprah Winfrey speaks in a session moderated by NDTV’s Barkha Dutt about her India trip, how Mumbai traffic seemed …



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  1. Personally I see marriage in my future but I know that marriage is not for everyone. If anything we should not be pressuring people into life changing decisions like marriage or children unless you want everyone to be miserable. I never want to have children but wouldn't mind getting married

  2. I wish you guys understood, that culturally, this was a very rude and disrespectable question to ask Oprah in public. You seem to happy and proud to ask such a rude and disrespectful question. The interviewer really went low level, and lacked class and tact by our cultural standards in America. You can see by the look on Oprah's face, that she wasn't sure how to respond to the rudeness and disrespect. Total rudeness and disrespect!!

  3. We are living in times where more married people are cheating more than ever like it's a sport. And some people are stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a tattoo, love is just a quote and lies are the new truth and cheating is a new obsession!! Why get married when you can live happily ever after single without the BS!!

  4. Oprah you are right if one does not want to conform one should stay single because we have to compromise most times to keep things even otherwise is long face, bickering and divorce so you're being honest in your opinion.

  5. If you're selfish and you enjoy being so, don't get married, ( and quit calling it "being your own person/ woman/ man." ) If you want to strive to be unselfish in an emotionally close relationship and you'll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal, marriage is for you — IF you choose marriage with someone whose goal is the same. You fools who say marriage is no good and that it destroys true happiness have no common sense — Reality is exactly the opposite of your tomfoolery. Grow up, and stop being cynical and selfish, you don't impress anyone who had any real integrity in your disparaging marriage. And no, women don't automatically become subservient in marriage — any more than all men become Al Bundy. Life is making CHOICES. Are we all losing the ability to even recognize simple, basic facts such as that? WAKE UP!

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