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Zuma's needs may quickly be Malema's actuality … South Africa – jj

Zuma's needs may quickly be Malema's actuality … South Africa

Afriforum are doing an amazing job at taking up the slack when the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa fail to do their job in charging high profile politicians and Julius Malema is now firmly in Afriforum’s sights. Will Zuma be next?



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  1. The ANC will never prosecute the EFF which is odd surely you would take any opportunity to take your foe down ? It confirms the ANC is in bed with the EFF – the Eff are the thugs of the ANC ! We should start this publicly so everyone knows ?

  2. Citizen of the World here in the USA. It makes my blood boil that the horrible leaders of my country and Australia don’t openwide the immigration doors for SA Whites.
    I will be there at the Final Judgment to testify against them.
    In the interim all I can do is pray for you.
    The situation is dire even here in America where we’ve been invaded.

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