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Animaljam Spike Giveaway! (CLOSED) – jj

Animaljam Spike Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Come join my Animaljam Discord Server (Chat group):* https://discord.gg/nadvynB -Over 1500 people are in the discord server. -Giveaways Everyday! Spikes …


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  1. Come join my Animaljam Discord Server (Chat group): https://discord.gg/nadvynB

    -Over 1,500 people are in the discord server.

    -Giveaways Everyday! Spikes, den betas, literally anything get given away everyday. Anyone in the server can host their own giveaway and people can participate!

    -Events hosted once in a while.

    -Active! 100+ of us are online everyday. People go on certain times. Rip timezones. Most of us are from the United States.

    -A trade channel for for Animaljam. People can post their trade and trade with others in this chat. It's pretty simple and easy to use.

    -Chats for other games such as Chickensmoothie (people trade here), Transformice, Flight Rising (people trade here).

    -And more!


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/merrycataj/

    I also play Transformice : http://www.transformice.com/?id=47010177


    Sorry guys, I do not buddy randomly anymore, hope you understand I have reasons.

    You can always ask for an auto (jag me saying you want one), I'll try my best to keep up.

    If you are a non-member, say 'hi' on jam a gram and I'll auto later on.

  2. hi, I'm new to your channel! I just subscribed! :3
    My user is rosyicecreamcone
    I'm a non member…sadly
    I've never won a giveaway…I always get scammed or lose…
    thank you so much for giving me a chance!
    I hope everyone else good luck! :3

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