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Answering Your Questions – Quantity One (Mini) – jj

Answering Your Questions – Quantity One (Mini)

Source: https://www.podbean.com/eau/pb-nkhsd-b73687 The first in many episodes, (we have over a full year’s worth of questions!) Holly and I (host, Rebecca …


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  1. OMG, a couple of years ago an attorney "offered" to "let" me write his life story that he was 100% confident would be a best seller for 10% of the net sales. I politely declined. He pushed. I explained about the workload he was asking me to undertake "on spec." He continued to push. Eventually he said he'd "make it easy for me" by dictating the story on tape so all I would have to do is type it up. I suggested he hire a transcriptionist. He whined that they're too expensive and won't work for a percentage. Eventually, he got all huffy and mad at me for not seeing what a "great opportunity he was offering me." lmao!

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