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Dosage Calculations | Nursing Drug Calculations | IV Drugs Issues Nursing College (Vid 2) – jj

Dosage Calculations | Nursing Drug Calculations | IV Drugs Issues Nursing College (Vid 2)

Dosage calculations made incredibly easy for nursing students using dimensional analysis for IV bolus medications. This video demonstrates how to solve intravenous medication problems which are typical nursing school drug calculation problems in nursing school.

Free Quiz on IV Bolus Problems: https://www.registerednursern.com/dosage-and-calculations-quiz-for-iv-drug-bolus-for-nursing-students-nurses/

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  1. Sarah, you are a godsend. I don’t now how your brain processes things and breaks it down into equations that people like me understand. I have been struggling trying to find a way of figuring out nursing calculations & I have literally sat on YouTube for hours searching for a video that would make me understand or try to find someone that explains it the most basic way. I was running out of time and desperate because my finals were today so last night I sat and I literally spent 3 to 4 hrs was watching your videos and am humbled to say u helped me pass my Hesi today. ??????????????. I can’t thank you enough. You are a godsend and keep doing the work you do because the way you explain things just makes sense.

  2. Sarah, I wanted to give my deepest thanks to you for making these videos. I am currently a RN and it was because of you that helped me pass those nursing school calculation exams. Truly, I am forever thankful for your structured and easy approach to learning these calculations. Thank you again and and again.

  3. Hello! You are doing such a great job. Do you know how to do the patient controlled analgesia which includes the loading dose, lock out time and basal rate etc? If you do can you please create a video on that?? Thanks in anticipation

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