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Euro 2012 Interactive Betting Adverts: 11th June 2012 – jj

Euro 2012 Interactive Betting Adverts: 11th June 2012

In lieu of this year’s Euro 2016 Final in France, ABTV takes a look back at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, notable for being the first year (AFAIK) to feature betting commercials that had odds that were updated live.

From Ray Winstone’s disembodied floating head for bet365.com (no idea what sort of film Ray was making in between bets, though. Never saw him as a Sharpe type :-D) to Ladbroke’s foreign commentator interrupting Chris Kamara making a living peddling an isotonic sports drink, screaming like he was commentating on Channel 4’s Banzai (“NO! MORE FOOTBALL! BET!”) [or, as I personally called him at the time, “The day James Last went mad” 😉 ], the interactive commercials followed a regular format, with an appropriate place for the relevant live odd to be inserted in, presumably through software linked to the relevant website’s database. The live odds were linked to the game in play, i.e. what player will score next or score the first goal, which team will win the game or the tournament, or what the score will be at half-time. As the odds depended on the game, I will display at the end of the adverts the resulting information relating to the live odds, for clarification’s sake.

I think that the Irish bookmakers Paddy Power may have also had these type of interactive commercials, but I refuse to include their adverts in my videos, due to my personal disagreement with their controversial betting markets and questionable advertising.(If I mention Oscar Pretorius’s trail and a robotic pigeon, some people may understand my stance in this respect.)

Copyright of these commercials remain with the respective companies and agencies, their inclusion in this video are for review purposes only.


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