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Farmer bought 60 lakh diamond diamond within the subject and made a giant mistake. OMG: Farmer Acquired Diamond in His Discipline value of Rs 60 Lakh in Andhra Pradesh – jj

Farmer bought 60 lakh diamond diamond within the subject and made a giant mistake. OMG: Farmer Acquired Diamond in His Discipline value of Rs 60 Lakh in Andhra Pradesh



oi-Bavita Jha


Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 21:21 (IST)

new Delhi. Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, the fate of a farmer, shines when there is something shining from the solution during the farm collide. When he saw it, his eyes were torn off. Her solution did not hit the diamond any more. The stone found in his farm was diamond. There is no place for the happiness of the farmer. The price of this diamond was close to Rs 60 lakh, but due to his discrepancy, he sold only 5 tonnes of gold and 13.5 lakh rupees for diamonds.

  OMG: Farmer Got Diamond in His field of Rs 60 Lakh in Andhra Pradesh

According to the media report, during the plowing of the farm, the farmer got a diamond worth about 60 lakh rupees. He was not aware of the price of that diamond, so he sold it to a local trader only 13.5 lakh rupees and 5 tola gold. When the case reached the police, the police started investigating the case. The police is trying to find out about the diamond carat, color and weight.

Let us tell you that this is the second case of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, when the farmer got a diamond in the field. Earlier, on June 12, a shepherd got an 8-carat diamond, which had a market value of Rs 20 lakh. Actually this area increases the search for diamonds during the rain. In addition to Kurnur, the search for diamonds increases in villages such as Jonagiri, Tuggalis, Mudikekara, Pagidirai, Paravali, Mahanadi and Mahadeopuram. Due to rain, the soil flows, due to which the diamond is easily visible. According to legendary beliefs, the king is said to have hidden the treasure in the soil. Now the treasure is found here.

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